Retail and eCommerce Client Story

One Right Answer Made a $400,000 Difference

Our client was looking to us to handle over 20 million customer requests for technical support or customer service. We implemented a new technology to help deflect numerous voice/email inquiries.


voice / email inquiries deflected monthly


annual savings in support costs


of "questions answered" via optimization

One of our established relationships is with a multinational entertainment/technology retailer. This $50 billion company uses our associates to handle over 20 million customer requests for technical support and customer service. The goal was to evolve the company’s online customer interface to increase the level of self-service that customers could enjoy – liberating the customer from needless inquiries while reducing the cost of support in the process. Our customer experience experts were already creating a wealth of internal knowledge, and they had renovated the way employees within the company created, socialized, and stored their information. With Cyber Monday just around the corner (the biggest sales day of the year for online tech retailers), how could we leverage the tribal knowledge within the company – in under one month – to simplify and enrich the customer experience?

One Right Answer is a sophisticated question-to-answer matching technology that we designed to leap over the customer nightmares of pointless search results and static FAQ pages. The name says it all – natural query language can be worded in a myriad of ways, but the customer can still get One Right Answer reliably, thanks to the nimble technology, engaged teamwork, and effective data that drives the customized design for the client. It’s an elegant solution, structured to evolve with use; critical data from real-time business intelligence is captured and analyzed, and One Right Answer is repeatedly optimized to respond more and more accurately. Costs go down. Customer satisfaction goes up. Team members are engaged to collaboratively find ways to help customers in the most meaningful way.

By sustainably empowering customers, the program is projected to direct 60,000 annual contacts away from costly (and needless) live interactions. Within four months, the continuous improvement to the performance of One Right Answer led to 87 percent of online customer questions answered. The retailer continues to find ways to expand the program – leveraging our customer experience technology within internal and external social communities to build relationships, increase individual customer value, and maximize operational efficiency.


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