Automating Customer Engagement

Today, the research shows that customer experience and consumer engagement strategies are far more important to the success of the overall business than most C-level executives understand. As you’ll see throughout this report, these functions are becoming dependent upon the utilization of digital automation in the contact center and responding to shifts in consumer behavior. To contact center leaders, specifically, automation is the number one area of investment priority right now.


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The need to better serve customers in a more efficient way is the major driver for automation

Automation is not only aimed at reducing customer service costs through a properly managed customer service infrastructure, but customer (and employee) satisfaction through the contact center’s ability to serve everyone involved.

Featuring insights and research from TTEC’s Partner, Strategy & Operations, Verizon’s VP of Global Consumer Sales & Service Centers, Freshly’s VP of Customer Experience, and the CCW Digital analyst team, this report will cover:

  • The changes in consumer behavior influencing the customer experience
  • The best channels to use in customer service and when
  • Where automation is delivering the greatest ROI in the contact center
  • How to improve customer service efficiency
  • Real world case study driven analysis, and more

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Automating Customer Engagement