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Customer Experience - It's how you make me feel!

Emotions impact business results.

Peter Dorrington from TTEC provides us with an insight into his recent Emotion Analytics Workshop in partnership with the CXPA (Customer Experience Professional Association). As well as emotion analytics, the presentation also addresses strategy formation, employee experience, employee CX training, and contact centre operations.

View this webinar to learn:

  • If you are conducting NPS, C-SAT, Customer Ease studies, etc.
  • Use customer journeys to plan when and how to gain insights into customer motivation
  • Add a questions to your Voice of the Customer (VoC) studies that are designated to elicit descriptive answers
  • Evaluate the key points in the customer journey(s) that are on the critical path to an outcome - use emotional personas and use cases
  • Document what factors are driving behaviour - functional or emotional? Internal or external biases?
  • Design experiences that meet both functional and emotions needs, if necessary, have different experiences for different kinds of customers
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Peter Dorrington


Customer Insights, TTEC Digital


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