How to manage the vaccine mandate with 5 CX tips

CX best practices to support the effort to vaccinate U.S. workers

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More than 84 million U.S. workers will need to be vaccinated by early 2022. Large companies with more than 100 workers will need added capacity and tools to manage such a massive vaccination effort. If the sheer scale of the challenge is not enough, organizations must tread lightly in an emotionally charged environment to handle this very sensitive topic with the utmost care. The employee experience and human element can’t be ignored. Read this strategy guide for 5 CX best practices to help companies implement and manage new polices around the vaccine mandate.


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Support the vaccine mandate with CX best practices

Without a frictionless plan in place to meet the mandate requirements, chaos and confusion among employees is highly likely, distracting them from their core functions.

Read this strategy to learn how to:

  • Build trust with empathy
  • Deploy a secure vaccine management platform
  • Handle surging call volume
  • Reduce friction across the employee journey
  • Deliver digital self-service

Improve and accelerate the vaccination experience with technology + people

Successfully navigating vaccine mandate compliance hinges on efficient coordination, effortless employee experiences, and proactive support. TTEC's vision and Mandate Manager solution provides a guided path to engage employees and maintain compliance.


Create a positive, empathetic, and frictionless path to vaccine mandate compliance with the help of TTEC’s seasoned experts, proven processes, and award-winning technology.


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How to manage the vaccine mandate with 5 CX tips