Data Strategy Needs a Do-over

Three ways businesses can balance personalization and privacy post data scandals


Trust is one of the most valuable assets we can give each other. And sometimes we don’t realize its value until it’s gone.

In the post Facebook scandal world, trust and data haven’t exactly gone hand-in-hand. Following the (now dismantled) Cambridge Analytica data leak, a Business Insider survey found that 81 percent of participants are extremely unconfident as to whether Facebook would protect their data and privacy.

But as the smoke clears around Facebook and it rebuilds, industries are beginning to rethink how data is shared and what information means to their customers. If executives want to maintain trust and continue to profit from the potential of personalization with data, there needs to be a compromise.

Read this White Paper to discover three strategies to help companies balance personalization and data privacy, along with how they can learn from the mistakes now in the spotlight.


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