CCW Special Report on Fraud Prevention, featuring TTEC

According to research by OpSec Security, 86% of global consumers fell victim to identity theft and fraud in 2020 – in part, because of the exponential growth in digital customer experiences and online shopping. Because of this, it’s now crucial for brands to create simple, engaging, and secure customer experiences at every stage of the customer journey to attract and keep customers loyal.


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Preventing Fraud in the Contact Center

Learn how to do just that (and more), in the latest CCW Digital Research Report. Download the report to gain first-hand insights from Visa’s VP of Client Services and Operations, Microsoft’s COO of Customer Experience, and TTEC VP and GM, including:

  • Why consumer fraud is a growing concern right now
  • How to speed up customer experiences (and profits) through fraud prevention
  • The best ways to build a fraud prevention journey and reduce liabilities
  • Why contact centers should consider using a mix of AI + human training going forward
  • A real case study on how fraud prevention improves contact center operations (and customer retention)

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CCW Special Report on Fraud Prevention, featuring TTEC