Bing Partner Program Update: Revana Digital Recognized with New Expanded "Select Status"

DENVER, Nov. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Revana Digital, a leading digital performance marketing agency and key part of TeleTech Customer Growth Services, has been named by Microsoft as "one of a group of key partners" to act as trusted advisors to its growing customer base for search advertising opportunities with the Bing Network as part of the expansion of the Bing Partner Program.

As a Select Partner to Bing Ads, Revana Digital will continue to enhance the expertise and service provided to clients through exclusive access to training, marketing and technology development. Utilizing predictive modeling, search, geo-targeting, and digital intelligence technology, Revana Digital is a Digital Performance Marketing agency providing PPC paid search, display, conversion rate optimization, and SEO that result in more sales and less spend for their customers.

"We help our clients find, engage and acquire customers. Our high impact/low risk consultative solution consistently yields predictable results and meaningful ROI," says Jonathan Gray, senior vice president, Business Development & Marketing Services at Revana. "Search advertising, which today makes up 52 percent of all digital advertising spend, is a core area of investment for our clients. Many of our clients have witnessed significant increase in ROI/engagement/CPC for campaigns managed on Bing and we look forward to continuing to grow and extend this kind of opportunity through our Select Status."

For more details about Revana Digital, please visit www.revanadigital.com 

Partner Directory: https://aka.ms/bingpartnerdirectory

Announcement Blog Post: https://aka.ms/bingpartnerannounce

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