Mandate Manager

Address vaccination mandate challenges with TTEC's talent, tools and processes


Address vaccination mandate challenges with TTEC's talent, tools and processes



Educate – Test – Vaccinate – Attest

Ensuring private sector employees are vaccinated against COVID-19 by early 2022 takes the
perfect balance of technology and humanity. With Mandate Manager, our partners achieve
positive business outcomes while delivering the frictionless experiences employees expect.


A quick and easy-to-deploy approach to effective vaccine mandate management

Provide a seamless digital experience for employees to declare vaccination status or submit test results

Navigate logistics with an out-of-the-box solution to rapidly obtain attestations for employees,
including mobile-friendly self-attestation forms and QR codes for employee validation status.

Attestation Management as a seamless experience

mandate manager on laptop screen

Scale efficiently. Connect with empathy.

With the help of TTEC’s seasoned experts, proven processes, and award-winning technology.

Quickly deliver accurate vaccine information and communicate with empathy. Turn-key digital contact center technologies pair with readily available, highly skilled associates deliver empathetic, seamless employee experiences.


Mobile-first channels simplify the process for employees. Rapidly obtain attestations with mobile-friendly tools and QR codes in the out-of-the-box solution.


Simplify the end-to-end process with automation. Automated tools simplify how employees can validate their current test or vaccination status and capture results safely and securely.


Leverage skilled associates and advanced digital technology to improve experiences. Facilitate the vaccination experience by leveraging the powerful combination of highly skilled, empathetic associates and intelligent automation.


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