Give field agents all the
tools they need to meet
CMS compliance

With Mobile Record and Store Now

The deadline for new regulations set by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regarding field agent call recordings is October 1st / Contract Year 2023. Are your field agents ready? TTEC Digital has made meeting the new regulations easy with our cloud-based Mobile Record and Store Now.

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CMS Compliance
Made Easy

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In-the-Field Call
Center Capabilities

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Omnichannel Simplicity
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See how Mobile Record and Store Now can pave the way to CMS compliance



Ensure Field Agent CMS Compliance
before the upcoming deadline

Field agents must record all calls with beneficiaries in their entirety, including the enrollment process, by October 1, 2022 / Contract Year 2023. With agents having only a few months to be compliant with the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) new mandate centered around the recording field activities, it is critical agents have access to a cloud based flexible solution that can be deployed quickly. TTEC Digital has made meeting this compliance easy with our cloud based Mobile Record and Store Now solution. This solution is designed to be deployed quickly for agents in the field to meet the new CMS requirement while also giving them access to the data they need from anywhere whether it be phone to laptop or video.


Enable agents with all the tools they need to deliver an exceptional experience

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CMS Compliance Made Easy

Field agents can easily record, store, and retrieve calls with prospective and current customers / members / beneficiaries for up to 10 years.

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Call Center Capabilities

On the road, in the office, on a cell phone, or anywhere in between. Agents can host meetings, use messaging, and access centralized administration capabilities for straightforward communications.

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Omnichannel Simplicity

Switching from a phone to a laptop, or a phone call to a video chat is simple with Mobile Record and Store Now with Cisco’s Webex Cloud Calling.

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Customized Licensing

Flexible licensing options that allow for pausing or cancelling as needed. Whether you are a part time agent or work for a larger brokerage, purchase what you need and change at any time!


Key Capabilities

Mobile Record and Store Now harnesses the power of our Webex by Cisco partnership to bring field agents up to speed with cloud technology quickly.

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Cross-channel Cloud Calling
and Centralized Communications

With efficient service and user management

Mobile Record and Store Now provides a full range of cross-channel cloud calling across devices, so calls will come through on any connected device. Meanwhile, communication methods like calling, meetings, and messaging are streamlined in a single app, and managing services and users is a painless one-stop shop in the app.

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Private and Confidential
Cloud Call Recording

With compliant native recording solution

Dubber, Webex’s compliant native recording solution, enables private and confidential cloud call recording for voice, video, and chat. Recordings are transcribed and can be replayed and reviewed at any time. Keyword alerts and AI-enriched insights are also included.


Mobile Record and Store Now

Field agents must record all calls with beneficiaries in their entirety, including the enrollment process, for the upcoming CMS deadline of October 1, 2022. Mobile Record and Store Now uses cloud technology to quickly bring field agents up to speed.


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