The Secret Formula:

How to successfully blend technology and humans to boost employee engagement and the customer experience


Gamification x BOTs x Machine Learning x Human Intellect = Awesome + Engaged Employees

The world is talking about artificial intelligence – yet very few are bringing it all together. The blending machine-automated support and humanity is the essence of today’s ecosystem. Companies need to logically apply a measurable, quantifiable, repeatable formula to calculate its success and merit. When done correctly, the results are transformational.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the financial benefits of engaging employees just as you do customers
  • Transform traditional cost centers into revenue centers through the balance of technology and humanity
  • Utilize existing customer-focused investments to drive fiscal benefits among employees
  • Blend technology learning with human learning to create a check-and-balance process that maximizes quality
  • Incent and reward employees to share knowledge, best practices and operational suggestions that drive automation and business improvements

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Featured speaker: Lamont Exeter, Vice President, Learning and Performance, TTEC

Lamont believes that, as leaders, we have a responsibility to guide, empower, listen to, and involve the next generation – which is why he is so passionate about our Learning & Performance practice at TTEC. As the head of innovation, product development, and solutions within our team, he has the opportunity to research, work with, modernize, and operationalize emerging technologies. During his tenure, Lamont has worked extensively with State Farm, Allstate, Cigna, several "Blues", and Progressive to create performance improving business solutions. In the financial vertical, Bank of America, TD Bank, Boubyan Bank, CarVal, Citizens, First Data, and several other fortune 1000 financial organizations to blend knowledge and learning with social collaboration to deploy value-add, KPI improving solutions.