Humanify Connects its Open Architecture with CafeX to Create a New Breakthrough Omnichannel Customer Experience Solution

DENVER, March 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Humanify™, a provider of cloud-based, intelligent, mobile and digital customer experience solutions announced today they are plugging their open architecture into a solution by CafeX Communications®, a provider of customer engagement software that enhances mobile and web applications with real time communications. The partnership brings together two technology leaders to reimagine the omnichannel customer experience.

The joint solution removes the friction from omnichannel communications by enabling the customer to communicate easily from within their preferred interfaces (mobile and web) and allowing them to switch easily between channels while preserving continuity across the customer journey. The seamless interaction simplifies the experience in the moment for customers and drives deeper long-term loyalty and engagement for the enterprise.

"Mobile technology is rapidly evolving and increasing the demand for instantaneous, context-aware, personalized experiences," explained Mike Betzer, CEO of Humanify. "An enterprise needs a full set of interaction capabilities - chat, voice, video, co-browse, document share, SMS, social – to stay ahead of the digitally-empowered customer. Up until now, no one solution was able to bring all of the channels together in an elegant, seamless platform. Our partnership with CafeX delivers this platform and with it, redefines omnichannel customer experience excellence."

"This agreement with Humanify reinforces our partner-centric approach in bringing disruptive customer engagement solutions to market," commented Dan Solito, COO, CafeX. "Not only does our complementary solution provide customers with the full spectrum of interaction channels, but Humanify's analytics-driven personalization platform for the cloud combined with CafeX's omnichannel engagement solution offer the market something that has been missing."

The partnership brings Humanify's personalization, analytics and matching capabilities together with CafeX's video and co-browsing technology to deliver relevant and seamless customer interactions across self-service or live channels. The solution is being developed jointly and incorporates Humanify's pure cloud customer engagement offering and CafeX's award-winning Live Assist® real-time collaboration capabilities.

CafeX Chief Marketing Officer Sajeel Hussain and Humanify Chief Executive Officer Mike Betzer will elaborate on transforming the customer journey during the Enterprise Connect conference session "Delivering an Improved Mobile Customer Experience," moderated by industry analyst Sheila McGee-Smith on Wednesday, March 18 at 2:45 p.m. ET.

Humanify, a wholly owned subsidiary of TeleTech, is a customer experience technology company dedicated to changing the way brands and consumers interact. The company provides an easy-to-plug-in SaaS platform that utilizes data-driven processes to provide immediate context on who a customer is, what he or she is doing, and how he or she wants to connect on any given channel. Humanify simplifies interactions for customers, streamlines processes for customer-facing employees and improves profitability for enterprises. For more information, please visit www.humanify.com


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