Honoring Veterans Through Hiring Initiatives and Internal Recognition

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Each day, America’s servicemen and women risk their lives to defend our rights and protect our freedom. But once they return home, it’s our responsibility to welcome these noble individuals with opportunity and support. Through hard work and concentrated efforts, we here at TTEC hope to transform our organization into the employer of choice for our veterans and establish our company as an industry leader in the area of veterans’ advocacy.
We’ve partnered with leading brands in the space to learn about their veteran initiatives, allowing us to broaden our relationships with the companies we already work with and apply their lessons to our own internal efforts. These leaders have opened our eyes to what we could be doing, inspiring us to form our Veteran’s Council, which serves as the central focus point for all TTEC veteran- and military spouse-related initiatives. Prior to the council’s creation, TTEC maintained its longstanding history of hiring and supporting America’s veterans, but lacked the centralized approach necessary for sustainability. But, as our efforts continue to evolve and grow, so have our methods.
Our Veteran’s Council mission promises to advocate for veterans and military spouses by providing employment opportunities and establishing a military-friendly work environment for those individuals who work for TTEC. Together, we hope to ensure accountability and visibility on our journey to make TTEC an ideal, vet-friendly work environment that offers valuable career options to those readjusting to civilian life. Because of their extensive training, veterans come to us with the leadership, loyalty, and integrity we look for in all prospective employees. We feel these traits align with our core business values. Therefore, we eagerly welcome these workers as they promise to support and enhance our companywide goals, as well.
Right now, we must focus on bringing awareness to the next level through job postings and military recruitment partnerships, as veterans and their families must know they have an array of options waiting for them upon their return. We hope to hire 1,000 veterans each year, so we’ve also begun attending community events and conducting grassroots efforts to get the word out. Internally, we’ve begun to recognize those who’ve served by developing an online veteran community that will allow the servicemen and women throughout our organization to connect and engage with one another. We also hope to increase our involvement with veteran-related causes, such as the Wounded Warriors Project and Toys for Tots, to demonstrate our ongoing dedication to our military.
Though the Veteran’s Council may only be in the early stages of developing its subsequent initiatives, we recognize the difficulty many veterans have when transitioning back to civilian life. TTEC hopes to one day provide the assistance our veterans need to ease their burden both at work and at home. Ultimately, we want to broaden the aperture for how we think about military veterans and their spouses because these individuals continue to have so much to offer our country. By reviewing our hiring processes and initiatives, we hope that we can provide these heroic servicemen and women with the career and growth opportunities they, and their families, truly deserve.