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Tips and Takeaways

7 pillars of an Impact Strategy commitment

Learn how to craft a plan and align partners to foster sustainable positive change

7 pillars of an impact strategy commitment

The concept of Impact is not merely an aspirational goal, a utopian fantasy. It’s a very real, grounded strategy that forward-thinking companies are adopting and encouraging their partners to embrace.

A solid Impact Strategy has a defined framework that guides investments and decisions to drive economic vibrancy benefiting employees, their families, and communities. Bringing economic opportunities to marginalized but talent-rich regions holds great promise for business and peoples around the world.

In this Tips & Takeaways, learn:

  • How Impact Strategy differs from impact sourcing
  • Why local partnerships are vital to an Impact Strategy
  • Financial value of business opportunities created

To learn more about the 7 pillars underpinning an Impact Strategy, download the Tips & Takeaways.

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