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Recent Episodes

The Great Resignation & What it means for CX

In our first episode of 2022, host Mark Hillary is joined on the podcast by Stephen Loynd, Founder & Principal Analyst at TrendzOwl as they discuss ‘The Great Resignation’ – an economic trend in...

2021 CX Highlights and What to Expect in 2022

The final CX Pod Europe podcast for 2021 focuses on the highlights within the CX industry over the past 12 months, with special guest Peter Ryan, Principal Analyst at Ryan Strategic Advisory adding...

How to Launch a Major New Contact Centre during a Pandemic

This month’s CX podcast features TTEC EMEA’s flagship UK client Volkswagen Group UK, and focuses on their journey to launch a major new contact centre during a pandemic. You’ll...

The Future of Strategic Sourcing and its Impact on Customer Experience

TTEC’s newest episode of the CX Pod Europe puts one of our industry partners, The Global Sourcing Association (GSA), under the spotlight as they celebrate their 35th anniversary. Formerly the...

The Next Normal - Part 2: Building Back Better Customer Relationships

Part 2 of our preview to our events in October and November in partnership with Intelligent Sourcing magazine, sees TTEC welcome Professor Moira Clark, Director of The Henley Centre for Customer...

The Next Normal - Part 1: Building Back Better Customer Relationships

TTEC has arranged two forthcoming in-person events in partnership with our friends at Intelligent Sourcing magazine, with this latest podcast providing a sneak preview of what to expect in part 1....

Auto Brands Need to Educate potential EV Customers and Future-proof their CX

The automotive sector is undergoing change at a pace that is faster than the industry has ever seen. The UK government has announced that the sector must go fully electric from 2030. This means...

Open Banking – The Need for Financial Service platforms via Banking as a Service

Episode 12 focuses on the Banking & Financial Services sector with an insight into Open Banking. With shifts in attitudes towards the issue of data ownership illustrated by regulations such as...

How to Navigate the Complexity of Digital Transformation

Episode 11 of the CX Pod Europe sees host Mark Hillary interview Iain Banks, EMEA Group Vice-President at TTEC and Bas Diepen, VP Alliance & Channels at Genesys as they discuss their newly...