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One platform,
one workforce,
one employee
from anywhere.

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Our world has changed, so your
delivery model must change too. 

Three years of digital acceleration happened in just three short months. Today, COVID-19 is no longer a tolerable excuse for subpar customer service. And adapting an intelligent blend of automation, training, geo-strategy, and highly-skilled talent is now crucial for brands to stay relevant.


of processes

will be optimised
and automated

of enquiries

should shift to
messaging vs voice

of agents

should stay
at home

Understand and optimise
true customer intent

In 2020 our platform has powered over 100k+ remote associates across the globe in a 100% secure at-home environments. A large-scale software deployment can happen in hours, and in-person associate experiences are realistically replicated with virtual collaboration and productivity enhancing tools.


Humanify Employee
Experience Manager

Achieve operational KPIs faster with realistic simulated call practice sessions – all powered by AI, voice recognition, machine learning, and responsive game development – and perfected through immediate data visualisation.​


Humanify On-Demand

Streamline hiring and onboarding processes to quickly assemble a customised, scalable, and on-demand workforce with advanced security, intelligent automation, and our AI bot, Louie.​


Humanify Remote Worker Technology Platform​

Accelerate associate onboarding and decrease time to production with secure omnichannel training and productivity tools uniquely designed to elevate customer experiences by enhancing employee experiences.​


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A story of humanity
in providing jobs when needed most.

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