Rwanda Tech & BPO Summit: A roadmap to positive impact

You enter a room. The energy is palpable. This is unlike any other business trip. No raffles, no swag.

3 deal breakers when working with a CX outsourcer (and 5 must-haves)

Customers are some of the most valuable assets a company can have. Without them, brands (and the profit they produce) wouldn’t exist. So it’s no surprise that some companies might be hesitant to work with a customer experience (CX) partner to help support their customers as they scale and grow in this digital-first environment.

Empathetic retail experiences are still possible in the AI age

When it comes to standing out in the ultra-competitive retail landscape, personalisation is key. Delivering customer experiences (CX) that feel tailored to each shopper’s individual needs is how retailers can differentiate themselves from the competition and grow loyalty.

A traveller’s take: Rwanda is ready for business

Astounding, when you think about how our perceptions are coloured. Most of us like to feel we are pretty well-informed, abreast of news and other developments unfolding beyond the sphere of our daily life and social circles. Worldly.

TTEC celebrated as innovative thought leader for AI-enhanced Let Me Know solution

TTEC has been honoured as an innovative thought leader in the customer experience (CX) industry, earning a Gold Stevie® Award for the work of our AI Centre of Excellence and our proprietary generative AI tool called Let Me Know.

Insurers embrace richer CX, agility for strength and growth

Back-office inefficiencies, lack of systems integration, wonky workflows, and poor communications are among the culprits making a hard job even harder.
Insurance companies across Europe face a formidable challenge: Upgrade systems without upending the business. Forward-thinking organisations are open to change but that change can’t break the bank or compromise the customer experience.

Humanising AI takes centre stage at Mobile World Congress

Humanising AI was a dominant theme at last month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where an estimated 93,000 attendees soaked up insights from brilliant leaders like DeepMind Founder and Google’s head of AI Demis Hassabis, along with all kinds of curious technology innovations.

4 challenges facings startups in 2024 (and how investing in CX can help)

For most companies and especially startups, 2023 was a year of uncertainty, fear, and doubt.

With AI giddiness gone, 2024 shapes up as a year of action

If 2023 was a year of revelation, zeal, and anything-is-possible hopes for artificial intelligence’s potential, 2024 is shaping up as a year of action.

AI holds huge CX potential for automotive brands in 2024

2024 is here and many automotive brands are thinking about ways to improve customer experience (CX) in 2024.

There’s no shortage of competition in the automotive industry and, to truly stand out from other brands and win over customers, you need to deliver seamless and personalised CX. Showing that you know your customers and crafting an experience that feels catered specifically to them is increasingly important.