4 Ways to Expect the Unexpected This Holiday Season

Don’t Shy Away From Emotional Connections in the Workplace

Many organisations say that their employees are their most important assets, but few really know how their employees are feeling, or the effect those feelings on their performance and loyalty.

Evolve the Contact Centre With Thoughtful Automation

Just because you can automate something in the contact centre doesn’t mean you should. To know which tasks to turn over to a machine is a challenge, as one must balance core service goals with digital worker capabilities and provide exceptional customer experience.

Identify (and Overcome) Obstacles to Omnichannel Success

Omnichannel success has become more than a buzzword—it’s the customer experience goal of many businesses. But organisational silos, data integration gaps, and many other challenges often prevent companies from turning their omnichannel vision into reality.

Three CX Lessons from the Three Lions

Here we are everyone, just a few weeks ago we all had the amazing opportunity to watch one of the greatest World Cups unfold. And despite my Scottish roots, the public couldn’t be any prouder of England’s success and newfound talent. In honour of their over-achievement and hard work, let’s look at three customer and employee experience lessons we took away from 2018’s World Cup.

Great EX leads to even better CX

Mastering Motivation - Leadership and Performance in the World Cup

The moment has come, and The World Cup has already shocked and awed since we last highlighted some fantastic brands that scored in their marketing campaigns. And now that everything’s underway your favourite teams have probably had their fair share of cheers and jeers (sorry Germany, Spain, and Argentina).

Stop Calling it a ‘Retail Apocalypse’

Retailers today face an unprecedented rate of change. Many shopping centres are empty, e-commerce is taking a larger share of the pie, and consumers are spending more on experiences than products. Media reports have been quick to label these changes “the retail apocalypse,” but it’s a misleading phrase.

What GDPR Really Means for Customer Data Analysis

If you haven't heard about the EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) by now, where have you been? Coming into effect on 25th May, GDPR affects any organisation that holds or processes data on EU citizens and gives significant power back into the hands of the people the data is about - you and me!

Five World Cup Marketing Campaigns That Score in CX

It’s not every day that your marketing campaign has half the world watching. This week, millions will be watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia kick off, as passionate superfans don their colours for this global phenomenon. Over the last month, amidst all the excitement and fanfare, brands have been implanting some truly innovative experiences to engage passionate customers.

Get to the Heart of the Matter by Quantifying Emotion

We like to think we’re capable of making purely logical decisions - but we’d be lying to ourselves. Studies show that many of our decisions are greatly influenced by emotion. And while marketers have long understood this fact, savvy marketers are upping the ante by harnessing greater data insights and analytics tools.




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