Channel Orchestration: Cutting Out Waste while Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Speed makes the world go around. Next-day shipping and automated shopping suggestions have hastened the shopping process, but when it comes to customer support, reaching out to traditional contact centres seems like sluggish trip back in time. That’s why organisations are investing in digital transformation initiatives that improve the customer experience across all channels. Enter channel orchestration.

5 Ways to Create the Right Retail Experience

Europe’s Rocky Path to Digital Transformation: What to Expect Next

For years, Europe has lagged global leaders in embracing digital transformations. In an age when interactions, transactions, and the overall economy are increasingly happening in the digital realm, companies here aren't realising their full potential. And the situation isn't improving fast enough - in fact, it could get worse.

Differentiate Your CX with Emotional Connections

We’re experiencing an explosion of choices. The digitalisation of industries allows consumers to source nearly anything they want from anywhere in the world. And this has led to the commoditisation of most products and services. As a result, companies need new ways to connect with their customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Customer Experiences that Fall Flat—And How to Fix It

Savvy brands understand that excellent customer experiences are a vital part of business. Yet consumers across the globe indicate that many brands still have work to do when it comes to meeting—much less exceeding—their expectations and earning their loyalty.

Evolving Customer Care for the Millennial Generation

Millennials are a force of nature in today’s marketplace. Supercharged with a sense of purpose, connectivity, and drive, they are bringing innovation and change into the workplace and consumer area. Therefore, it is imperative that the customer service space is in touch with them or risk becoming outdated.

CX Leadership Corner: 9 Ways to Effectively Communicate via Digital Presentations

Do you ever need to deliver digital presentations, communicate with senior leaders and colleagues, or pitch to clients online via webinar and video?

Lead don’t follow - 2019 European CX Trends

As January ends, our new year’s resolutions should shift from wishful thinking to taking action. I’m confident that companies want 2019 to be the year they redefine their customer experience (CX). But like quitting that bad habit, you need guidance and preparation.

Top Customer Experience Lessons From 2018…Plus Looking Ahead

Northern Ireland: The Future of European Nearshoring

Today’s complex contact centre space demands intense levels of front-line support and meaningful voice and digital interactions. Outsourcing has always been an alternative for contact centres looking to save money, but at the cost of potential linguistical and cultural misunderstandings.