Upselling in the contact centre? Make it part of your retail strategy

In retail, it’s all about the sale. But it’s important to remember that sales aren’t just made by in-store employees, e-commerce sites, and apps. Your contact centre holds huge potential to drive revenue too, but only if your associates possess the right sales skills.

How happier employees lead to better CX

Workers increasingly want to feel energised and valued at their jobs, and in today’s tight labor market companies that don’t prioritise employee engagement are losing talent to brands that do.

Young, growing companies have a lot on their plates when it comes to determining priorities but focusing on employee experience (EX) from the outset will pay off well over the long run.

Empathy and sentiment scores: What we know and what we think we know

In the contact centre industry, it is commonly known that soft skills are critical to building trust and connection with consumers. One of the most important pillars of these skills is empathy.
And for good reason.
How better to serve the needs of people than to put ourselves in their position? What could be more important to the customer experience (CX) than a compassionate understanding of their feelings?

Is your organisation ready to leverage AI solutions for CX?

What is your strategy for leveraging the recent advances in generative AI? Google has now released their Bard system and Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT by OpenAI into their Bing search engine. Companies and consumers are all experimenting with these tools and this is creating new expectations for the customer experience (CX).

Managing Fraud and Social Engineering in Your CX Strategy

Fraud has always been a concern when designing a customer experience strategy because a high quality customer journey relies on access to personal data such as home address, purchase history, and payment details.

Fraud cannot be eliminated by network security measures alone. People need to be a part of your fraud strategy too.

New Spanish customer care law presents an unexpected CX opportunity

A new law passed in Spain may be viewed as a burden but the truth is: It’s an opportunity.

4 ways AI should be evolving your contact centre

AI in the contact centre is nothing new. For years, brands have used AI-powered tools to automate tasks and extract insights from large pools of data.

But with the sudden popularity of ChatGPT and similar programs bringing AI to the masses, companies are (or should be) taking a fresh look at how they’re implementing AI and where they can better use it to improve customer experience. The contact centre houses some exciting opportunities.

Bust the myth: AI won’t make hourly workers extinct but it could turn them into superheroes

AI is a job killer with sights set squarely on the most vulnerable, hourly paid workers.
This myth is hard to debunk. Many believe it with fierce conviction. Use artificial intelligence to search statistics supporting the job-killer myth, and you’ll probably unearth some pretty credible-looking “evidence.”

5 ways retailers can improve customer experience with AI

AI is revolutionising customer service across all industries, but few are feeling its impact as strongly as retail.

Tech support alone isn’t enough (you need great CX, too)

When customers encounter a technical glitch or problem and have to reach out to customer support, they’re already frustrated. It’s not enough to just deliver quick resolutions to their problems with the right technical expertise; you need the right people and tools in place to enable a customer experience that’s empathetic, proactive, and seamless.