Bust the myth: AI won’t make hourly workers extinct but it could turn them into superheroes

AI is a job killer with sights set squarely on the most vulnerable, hourly paid workers.
This myth is hard to debunk. Many believe it with fierce conviction. Use artificial intelligence to search statistics supporting the job-killer myth, and you’ll probably unearth some pretty credible-looking “evidence.”

5 ways retailers can improve customer experience with AI

AI is revolutionising customer service across all industries, but few are feeling its impact as strongly as retail.

Tech support alone isn’t enough (you need great CX, too)

When customers encounter a technical glitch or problem and have to reach out to customer support, they’re already frustrated. It’s not enough to just deliver quick resolutions to their problems with the right technical expertise; you need the right people and tools in place to enable a customer experience that’s empathetic, proactive, and seamless. 

Got AI questions? We’ve got CX answers

ChatGPT unleashed AI to the masses. Though artificial intelligence and machine learning are not new, in the last few months generative AI like ChatGPT and others moved out of the IT lab and onto consumer devices to become available to anyone with a use case and sense of adventure.

Stay ahead of the competition with our customer experience trends for 2023

The stakes this year are high: brands need to meet growing customer expectations by providing proactive customer service, omnichannel and personalised experiences, and the 24/7 access customers expect. But you also need to cut costs wherever you can.

Retail CX trends for 2023: Messaging and self-service should be top priorities

After a challenging 2022 that brought growing inventories, an uncertain economy, and other challenges, retailers are looking to the new year—and sizing up the challenges and opportunities 2023 will bring.

Shoppers want interactions to be faster, easier, and more personalised than ever, yet retailers must try to meet these growing demands while cutting costs wherever they can.

High-tech CX trends for 2023: Empower your customers and employees through automation

2022 was a challenging year. While technology companies struggled to retain talent and grow their business without breaking the bank, high-tech brands were looking ahead to the new year and sizing up the challenges and opportunities 2023 will bring.

Banking customers favour self-serve and conversational messaging when CX is on the money

Consumers have spoken. They know what they want. They want autonomy—sometimes. Other times, they expect a helping hand, but want that assistance only on their own, highly individualised terms. “White glove” service is not an overstatement.

CX + compassion equals a winning formula in challenging times

CX excellence is not a nicety to consider when there’s unspent budget funds or the economic outlook looks sunny. It’s uncertain times like now, with recruitment and retention concerns on the rise, that the customer experience needs to get a boost, not moved to the back burner.

These 4 CX and EX trends should set your 2023 priorities

Whilst it’s impossible to predict exactly what the new year will bring, some clear trends are emerging as we think about what customer and employee experience will look like in 2023.