Improve financial services CX in 2024 by understanding customers better

As the new year approaches, financial services companies should be thinking about what they want to do differently and better in 2024 to improve their customer experience (CX).

Making your customer journey as seamless as possible not only improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, but can also bolster your bottom line:

CX Trends: In 2024, it’s time to look at the bigger picture

It’s the time of year when we typically identify 10 or so CX trends we believe will impact customer experience in the year ahead. For years, we’ve pinpointed tactical ways brands can stay on the cutting edge of customer experience and employee experience – but this year, we are taking a different approach.

Impact sourcing vs. impact strategy: It takes both to truly make a difference

It’s increasingly undeniable that brands must be purpose-driven if they’re going to thrive in this competitive landscape.

Yep, wellness is a BIG DEAL in the tech support space Too

Customer support associates have a hard job, and it’s only getting harder as customers’ expectations continue to increase (rightly so, by the way). The turnover rate for contact centre workers is at an all-time high of 38% and it jumped nearly 60% between 2021 and 2022 alone.

Startups: Improve CX with cutting-edge voice automation

Nothing frustrates customers more than getting stuck in an endless automation loop when trying to reach customer support. We’ve all been there: yelling “operator” into the phone, wasting time, and getting more annoyed every second. It’s an awful experience, and a mistake growing companies can’t afford to make.  

Where should startups focus their AI investments? Start here

AI is the flavor of the week in many segments of business, and customer experience (CX) is not spared from both the hype and innovation. Startups face a unique challenge when it comes to embracing AI-powered customer experience strategies: their budget.

Provide faster tech support and improve CX with co-browsing

When customers reach out for technical support, they arrive with a specific problem and simply want a quick resolution.

Co-browsing is an often-overlooked technique that allows customers to give associates access to view and navigate websites on the customers’ screen in real time. Also known as collaborative browsing, this technique lets customers and associates work together to solve problems quickly.

Startups: No pases por alto la experiencia del cliente (CX) en los inicios de tu marca

Los lideres de startups tienen mucho en que pensar: afinar un plan de negocio, establecer objetivos a corto y largo plazo, desarrollar la estrategia de marketing adecuada y crear un equipo que pueda hacer que todo suceda. Pero con todas estas prioridades compitiendo por euros y recursos limitados, es facil perder de vista la experiencia del cliente (CX) de tu marca.

A plug-and-play model is the future of AI-enabled CX – here’s why

In this time of economic uncertainty and rapidly developing technology disruption, the ability to stay nimble is paramount. 

Upselling in the contact centre? Make it part of your retail strategy

In retail, it’s all about the sale. But it’s important to remember that sales aren’t just made by in-store employees, e-commerce sites, and apps. Your contact centre holds huge potential to drive revenue too, but only if your associates possess the right sales skills.