Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)


ESG: Growing a socially and environmentally responsible business

At TTEC we have a long history of initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles—actions, policies and strategies that strive to create a better world for all. In 2021 we added more focus to these efforts by developing a framework across our global communities so that we consistently execute our business in a manner that is consistent with ESG best practices. We realize that this is an on-going journey—in this, our first annual ESG report, we are sharing with you our approach and accomplishments to date.

Our comprehensive ESG program is built on four pillars—enlightened people strategy, sustainable climate friendly operations, philanthropy, and responsible information management.

Read our ESG Report to learn how TTEC:

  • Empowers employees for success
  • Ensures strong corporate governance
  • Gives back
  • Is growing an environmentally and socially responsible business
  • Is in alignment with the SASB Standards Index
  • Has been honored for operational excellence, exceptional employee engagement, and workplace innovation
ESG 2021

Sustainable, Diverse, Inclusive, Equitable

TTEC puts its words into action as an environmentally and socially responsible business.

Resource consumption

TTEC reduces resource consumption across our global footprint through a variety of efforts including:

enabling building controls

converting to LED bulbs

installing touchless faucets in restrooms


Go Paperless Campaign - Paper Reduction

TTEC identified areas where paper records were still maintained and focused on conversion to digital record keeping. This effort delivered a significant reduction in paper consumption:

Go Paperless Campaign - Paper Reduction


$4 million in donations to education-related organizations and causes since 2007

$234,000 approved across 81 employee-sponsored grants

Data Security and Privacy Support

Members of TTEC’s Information Security team have won various awards, by organizations such as the Cyber Defense Magazine and OnCon Icon awards.

Our systems are monitored 24/7 for security integrity, data movement and threat protections, including a 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC).

Our team also includes oversight of commercial and public sector compliance.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council (DEI)

In 2021, a dozen TTEC employees in leadership roles representing a wide range of ethnicities, nationalities, genders and sexual orientations formed the DEI Council to foster and uphold a diverse workforce and culture.


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