Volume 3 | Issue 4 | 2011

The Strategic Side of Social Media

Table of Contents

In this issue:


Meet Today’s Social Customer

Socially savvy consumers—B2C and B2B—are reinventing the purchase process. Today these customers are the early adopters, but much sooner than most business... more »


How Does Your Social Strategy Stack Up?

Most business leaders recognize social as a critical channel for strengthening customer relationships. But many struggle with defining their organization's social... more »


4 Imperatives for Creating Social Dialogue

More and more consumers are increasingly hyper-connected, shifting their interactions with and about brands online. As a result, companies must redefine social as a... more »

Mayo Clinic’s Prescription for Social Media Success

As told to Cynthia Clark Social media today goes beyond public relations and marketing. Healthcare organizations, for example, can leverage social media tools to... more »

Social CRM Defined

Social media is changing the way companies build their brand and engage consumers across the entire customer lifecycle. While much of the attention around social media... more »

Charter’s Social Commitment to Customers

Social media is growing as a critical part of any company's strategy, regardless of industry. The personal and direct connections offered by social media can... more »

Case Studies

Telus Dials Up Its Customer Service by Going Social

Social customer service has been somewhat of an oxymoron. That's about to change. Traditionally leveraged for broadcast-style messaging, social media is fast... more »

Dell's Commanding Social Presence

Listening—a skill that humanity has been trying to master for centuries. Yet, in the age of social media, listening has taken on unprecedented importance. For a... more »

C-Suite Strategies

Motorola Harnesses New Media to Rebrand a History-Rich Company

After more than eight decades in operation, last January Motorola split into two parts. Its consumer-oriented side became Motorola Mobility, and its professional... more »

Industry Insight

Taking the Leap From Social Media to Social Engagement

Social media has forever changed how customers and companies interact. Companies are eager to embrace social media, but they rarely take the time to set a well-thought... more »

Creating a Social Media Agenda for Healthcare

In healthcare, whether to participate in social media too often comes down to risks versus rewards. Many industry leaders cite U.S. privacy regulations in healthcare... more »

Proof Points

The Key to Becoming a Social Organization

The era when companies had at least partial control over what was publicly said about them is long over. Instead, the power has shifted to the customer, who has the... more »

The Future Impact of Social Media

Worldwide social media use is growing rapidly. Nielsen reports that today nearly four in five active Internet users visit social media sites or blogs. Additionally,... more »

Strategy Speaks

Developing a Strong e-Social Ethos

There are many reasons why people spend time documenting their opinions for others whom they have no connection with, or improving open-source software they have no... more »

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