TTEC Healthcare CX Series to examine trends, member acquisition strategies on April 13

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Ambitious, seemingly unattainable goals for member acquisition suddenly become viable with the chance to interact, soundboard, and workshop solutions with healthcare enrollment experts and your own tribe.
No one understands the unique challenges, localization demands, and opportunities for Blue Cross Blue Shield companies in 2023 better than—other BCBS companies. That’s why BCBS executives from across the country will tune in this month for an interactive online event designed exclusively for the BCBS community, the TTEC Healthcare CX Series.
This two-hour roundtable, which kicks off April 13, features experts who help health plans and distributors shape strategies for the approaching annual enrollment period to drive membership growth and profitability. Member acquisition best practices and strategies are the focus for the first installment of this series and participants will influence which topics are most important to tackle at future events.

Better together

Call it the Group of Blues, the BCBS Braintrust, or something snappier, the TTEC Healthcare CX Series recognizes that professionals working in the same niche are just better together, working toward similar goals. Speakers will examine ever-shifting trends such as growing competition from Medicare Advantage, changing regulations, and emerging new technologies to ensure BCBS participants come away with practical tactics and strategies they can deploy tomorrow, next week, and next month.
TTEC Healthcare CX Series speakers, who will encourage BCBS participants to bring their burning questions, share their own insights, and interact with one another, include:

  • Michael Cho, CEO, co-founder, MyMedicareBot
  • Shaun Greene, co-founder, secretary, Insurance Marketing Coalition
  • Clay Heinz, group vice president, sales leadership, Healthcare Solutions, TTEC
  • Ebony Langston, vice president, sales, Healthcare Solutions, TTEC
  • Marcy Riordan, global analytics and insights practice lead, TTEC 

Get smart

Forward-thinking Blue Cross Blue Shield healthcare executives already know there’s an array of new technology tools at their disposal to accelerate member acquisition but some may not know which ones are the best fit for their organization.

AI-powered bots that enable trainees to practice skills in simulated customer interactions is just one arrow in the quiver. Specialized “objection bots” role-play with associates and coach them through the most challenging scenarios, such as returning and prospective members who are predisposed to say: no. Virtual agents that provide associates guidance in real-time is another game-changer. The TTEC Healthcare CX Series panel will dive into the performance results health plans have documented using these and other assistive tools.
A “smart seasonal” strategy is another intelligent way to improve performance and Langston will cover how to leverage innovations in people, process, and technology to put this plan into action. One health insurer implementing a smart seasonal strategy saw cost per enrollment drop 45% and sales conversions rise 29%.
Investments in data and data analytics enable intelligent call routing and delivers double-digit improvements in enrollment rates and operational efficiencies for health plans while at the same time enhancing the member experience, said Riordan.
“Imagine all the member data that can be gleaned from call transcriptions, website activity, customer surveys, and payer/provider databases,” she said. This intelligence yields insights and guides strategies to route calls to the agent best-equipped to serve the callers’ needs, prioritize, and personalize outbound follow-ups, and automate processes to reduce cost.
“Other payers are quickly getting into this way of doing business,” she added, “but it still represents a competitive advantage. Soon, ‘competing on analytics’ will be table stakes but for now, it can still be a differentiator and game changer.”  
To reserve a seat at the TTEC Healthcare CX Series hosted by TTEC Healthcare Solutions from 10:00 a.m. to noon (Mountain Time) on Thursday, April 13, BCBS professionals can register here.