Upstream Works Looks To AI To Help Agents Help Customers

TTEC EMEA has been a partner of Upstream Works for many years. Upstream Works has spent the past 15 years innovating how contact centres function. Their software is known for being focused on real business problems and they take pride in the fact that two thirds of all the features in their current system were requested directly by customers of the software.

Forrester Finds That Lighthouse KMS Offers A 269% ROI

Can Nominet Reinvent Itself To Be A Cybersecurity Leader?

I'm always interested when I read about how organisations can pivot and offer new products or services that don't initially appear to be a part of their core offer and yet eventually become really important to the company.

Will Apple Start Offering ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Direct From Apple Pay?

Apple has recently bought the British fintech startup Credit Kudos. This is a really interesting development because Credit Kudos offers an instant credit check service built on opening banking standards. Credit Kudos quickly scans the banking data of the customer to determine if a loan can be approved.

Digital strategy vs. digital transformation: 3 ways to make both work for your brand

There’s no denying the integral role a strong digital strategy plays in a brand’s success. The thoughtful use of digital technologies can bring great competitive advantages: better customer experience, improved employee experience, and long-term bottom-line benefits.

CX Partners under the Spotlight with Analyst Nelson Hall

The latest edition of the CX Pod Europe has just been published. This is our TTEC EMEA podcast and you can find it on all the usual podcast apps, or just listen online here.

5 CX lessons we learned from virtual reality

When we started reporting on virtual reality (VR) in 2016 we were picking up cardboard goggles, retailers began to feature virtual storefronts, and experts questioned its relevance in day-to-day life.

Delivering great experiences amid the digital transformation

The digital transformation of contact centres has been accelerating at a pace never seen before – jump-started even further by the pandemic.

How to Navigate the Complexity of Digital Transformation

TTEC and Genesys recently hosted a webinar focused on ‘How to Navigate the Complexity of Digital Transformation.’ The guest speakers on the webinar were Gilles Talbot, Strategic Business Consulting Director at Genesys, and Ryan Swanger, SVP Solutions Factory at TTEC.

You can click here to view the on-demand version of the webinar.

Chat Vs. Messaging: More Than Meets the Emoji

Customers live on their phones, but not in the same ways they used to. Prior to COVID-19, chat and messaging capabilities catered to users always on the go, then it played a vital role in servicing those who were mostly homebound and needed essential services from groceries to healthcare.