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Telecom Maintains CX Quality and Retains Highly Skilled Associates with Rebadge

We recruited existing experts and seamlessly transitioned those remaining without any loss of performance.

100% rebadged employee
retention after one year
Seamless re-badging process
with no loss of performance
All client metrics met or exceeded

during and since the transfer

The Challenge

A leading telecom company in the Asia Pacific region wanted to consolidate its customer support partners and align its CX leadership structure to streamline operations. The goal was to keep valuable talent engaged and focused on supporting customers during the consolidation. As a 10-year valued partner, TTEC was the supplier of choice to replace its existing provider of technical support for pre-paid and subscription mobile customers.

The company wanted to make sure that the transition was smooth and customer support was uninterrupted. But a challenge was that the associates already doing the work were well-trained product experts with considerable skills and experience to handle the client’s complex services. New TTEC associates would be inexperienced and the customer experience could suffer.

The Solution

In order to minimize the risk of disruption, TTEC proposed that the workforce at the incumbent provider be transferred directly to TTEC, effectively ‘re-badging’ them as TTEC employees. The program involved close consultation with the employees and visits to the TTEC location to showcase its culture, facilities, security and benefits. The transition was helped by full cooperation from the existing supplier to align the employee experience with what they already knew. 

TTEC ensured the transfer was as seamless as possible. Team leaders and trainers were the first to transfer, so that a management and support structure was in place from day one of the new operation. A majority of the workforce (60 percent) agreed to transfer to TTEC, requiring only short refresher training to bring them up to speed with current production standards. An intensive training program was put in place to fill the remaining workforce, and no loss of service was experienced by the client and end-user customers never noticed a difference.

Performance was continuously monitored through weekly, monthly and quarterly business reviews, which have confirmed KPI service levels for productivity, first contact resolution and Net Promoter Scores.

The Results

The re-badging effort resulted in a pain-free transfer without any loss of performance. Lengthy and costly recruitment and training costs were avoided. Attrition was very low with 100 percent retention of transferred staff during the first year of employment with TTEC. The client relationship also became more strategic because the client now only deals with TTEC as its sole partner.

Another benefit is that TTEC was able to cross-train employees in different lines of business to help manage volume fluctuations across the client’s support functions in real time. That resulted in the client expanding its business with TTEC’s offshore operations and allowing TTEC to step in to assist in new client projects.

Two and a half years later, TTEC continues to provide this key technical support to the client’s customers and all KPIs have been met or exceeded throughout the process.


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