TTEC’s Most Popular CX Content of 2020

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We’ve all made it through a tough year, and some of the year’s unique challenges will help to shape a more meaningful future. 2020 was more than recognizing the new-normal; it was time to reimagine interactions with family, friends and coworkers, innovate everyday life, and accelerate digital transformation.

For us at TTEC, the content we wrote connected deeply to our personal lives, and every blog, podcast, and video touched on a challenge we were experiencing in and out of work.

So please, join us as we explore our most popular content of 2020, we can’t wait to continue the journey in 2021. Happy Holidays!

TTEC blog posts

  1. Contact Center of the Future: Digital Transformation Best Practices
  2. Ten Contact Center IVR Best Practices to Improve CX
  3. Contact Center vs. Call Center: 6 Key Differences and Why it Matters
  4. Sales Outsourcing: 11 Benefits of Outsourcing Sales
  5. Contact Center Automation: Tools and Trends for the Decade Ahead

Customer Strategist Journal articles

  1. Digital Customer Experience Strategy: Six Key Areas to Focus your Efforts
  2. Four Traits of Customer-Centric Leaders
  3. Loyalty Program Strategy: 5 Best Practices to align with your Business Strategy
  4. 4 CRM Trends Driving CRM Innovation
  5. The 4 Steps to Becoming a Customer-Centric Airline

The CX Pod episodes

  1. CX Bites: The Best of Customer Experience Insights
  2. A Direct-to-Consumer Retail Roadmap
  3. Research: Balance Privacy with Personalization to Deliver Great Experiences
  4. Unlock the Key to Great Customer Conversations
  5. Mobile Commerce 2021: What to Expect

Strategy Guides and Special Reports

  1. CX Trends 2020 report
  2. Success Begins at Home
  3. Contact Tracing Special Report
  4. Guide to Effortless Omnichannel
  5. 7 Customer Experience Strategies for Contact Centers Post-Crisis


  1. Future-Proof the Citizen Experience: How the Pandemic Provides an Opportunity to Become More Citizen-Centric
  2. Accelerating Digital Transformation to Enable Effortless Experiences
  3. How to Readjust & Future-Proof your SALES

White Papers

  1. Channel Orchestration
  2. Digital Transformation Best Practices for Healthcare Payers and Providers
  3. Five Essential Steps to Customer-Centric Digital Transformation
  4. Conquer Complexity and Costs in the Contact Center
  5. Top Customer Service AI and Automation Trends for 2021

Workbooks, Toolkits, and Cheat Sheets

  1. Sales Pipeline Calculator
  2. KPI Calculator
  3. The Ultimate CX Digital Transformation Workbook for Contact Centers
  4. 6 Quick Tips to Prevent Customers From Saying “Agent” on Repeat
  5. Key Questions to Ask Every Potential Sales Outsourcing Provider