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Key Questions to Ask Every Potential Sales Outsourcing Provider

The right sales outsourcing partner can help you perfect your sales pitch and sell to your sweet spot all day, every day. This ready-to-use Request for Proposal (RFP) Template provides an overview of key topics and questions to ask potential vendors to ensure they match your sales vision and strategic goals.

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Why asking the right questions before picking an outsourcing partner is so important

At TTEC, our mission is to help you increase sales and revenue, and sales outsourcing can provide great return on investment. However, to have success with outsourcing it is essential that you enlist the right partner to ensure their vision and culture matches yours. A request for proposal is a great tool in this process. A few reasons to issue an RFP are (1) find the vendor that best suits your needs and is willing to be a partner, (2) clear accountability and transparency, and (3) detailed assessment of needs.

Request for proposals are a quick way to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of potential outsourcing partners. The detailed topics in our template will help you get to know the history and credibility of the vendors. The questions in this template can also spark ideas and give you different perspectives and strategy ideas. And most importantly, these questions will help you gain the insights you need to select the best partner that suits your sales outsourcing needs. The download is free! Happy selling and tracking.


11 new questions to ask on business continuity and resiliency

COVID-19 was the curve ball no sales leader saw coming. Helping your team bounce back is imperative to stay competitive in the age of COVID-19. That's why we included 11 new crucial questions to ask potential sales outsourcing providers right now.

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Our RFP template will help you gain insight into potential vendors' strengths and weaknesses

  • Company overview questions related to company facts, industry and language expertise, and corporate culture
  • ROI questions related to what defines success, including topics related to goals and objectives, as well as detailed questions about ROI and pricing models
  • Data questions about strategy and expertise in uncovering and leveraging customer insights
  • Project management questions about partner collaboration, governance models, and support staff team commitments
  • Agent hiring and training questions about onboarding, training and time-to-proficiency, and agent upskilling and growth
  • Technology questions about infrastructure, security, systems integration, and tech compatibility

Additional Sales Topics

Do you have additional free downloads?

Yes, absolutely! We enjoy sharing free knowledge and helpful pro tips with you. Keep us in mind when you are ready to take your sales to the next level. You can use our Sales Funnel Pipeline Calculator which helps you identify how to increase velocity through your sales pipeline funnel. And our Sales Performance KPI and Metrics Calculator helps you easily track key sales metrics.

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What sales services does ttec provide?

With our demand and acquisition solutions, we get you new customers. With our growth and expansion solutions, we increase wallet share with your customers through cross-sell up sell, service to sales and account management. Our retention and loyalty solutions help keep you customers happy so they don’t leave or stop spending with you. And throughout the buyers journey, our advanced analytics help you with customer journey and understanding customer expectations and needs in order to growth sales and revenue.

How do I get started outsourcing?

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of sales outsourcing, read our blog post 11 Ways Sales Outsourcing Accelerates Sales. You may also be interested in our eBook Why and How to Outsource Your Contact Center Operations.You can also contact us or use our chatbot to explore our sales growth services in more detail.


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Questions to ask Sales Outsourcing Providers to guide your vendor selection process