Where should startups focus their AI investments? Start here

AI is the flavor of the week in many segments of business, and customer experience (CX) is not spared from both the hype and innovation. Startups face a unique challenge when it comes to embracing AI-powered customer experience strategies: their budget.

Empathy and sentiment scores: What we know and what we think we know

In the contact centre industry, it is commonly known that soft skills are critical to building trust and connection with consumers. One of the most important pillars of these skills is empathy.
And for good reason.
How better to serve the needs of people than to put ourselves in their position? What could be more important to the customer experience (CX) than a compassionate understanding of their feelings?

Is your organisation ready to leverage AI solutions for CX?

What is your strategy for leveraging the recent advances in generative AI? Google has now released their Bard system and Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT by OpenAI into their Bing search engine. Companies and consumers are all experimenting with these tools and this is creating new expectations for the customer experience (CX).

4 ways AI should be evolving your contact centre

AI in the contact centre is nothing new. For years, brands have used AI-powered tools to automate tasks and extract insights from large pools of data.

But with the sudden popularity of ChatGPT and similar programs bringing AI to the masses, companies are (or should be) taking a fresh look at how they’re implementing AI and where they can better use it to improve customer experience. The contact centre houses some exciting opportunities.

Bust the myth: AI won’t make hourly workers extinct but it could turn them into superheroes

AI is a job killer with sights set squarely on the most vulnerable, hourly paid workers.
This myth is hard to debunk. Many believe it with fierce conviction. Use artificial intelligence to search statistics supporting the job-killer myth, and you’ll probably unearth some pretty credible-looking “evidence.”

5 ways retailers can improve customer experience with AI

AI is revolutionising customer service across all industries, but few are feeling its impact as strongly as retail.

Got AI questions? We’ve got CX answers

ChatGPT unleashed AI to the masses. Though artificial intelligence and machine learning are not new, in the last few months generative AI like ChatGPT and others moved out of the IT lab and onto consumer devices to become available to anyone with a use case and sense of adventure.

High-tech CX trends for 2023: Empower your customers and employees through automation

2022 was a challenging year. While technology companies struggled to retain talent and grow their business without breaking the bank, high-tech brands were looking ahead to the new year and sizing up the challenges and opportunities 2023 will bring.

What Can AI Really Do For Your Business?

Over the years I have followed the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with some interest. Back when I was actually developing software myself it was quite a scientific interest - what will be possible and when?

Intelligent automation vs. RPA: How to avoid key mistakes

Customer service is demanding. On average a contact centre associate needs to handle complex applications, urgent customer needs, and all the manual inefficiencies that come with service inquiries. They need the right tools for the job.