Improve financial services CX in 2024 by understanding customers better

As the new year approaches, financial services companies should be thinking about what they want to do differently and better in 2024 to improve their customer experience (CX).

Making your customer journey as seamless as possible not only improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, but can also bolster your bottom line:

Companies that don’t acknowledge and embrace changing expectations risk losing customers to brands that do. Yet companies must do so in a thoughtful and strategic manner that keeps costs in line along the way.

Customer intent will be a key CX driver

To resolve customers’ inquiries quickly and easily, financial services organisations need a deep understanding of why they’re reaching out to your contact centre in the first place. Focusing on customer intents (the reasons people contact customer support) will benefit your customers and associates alike.

When associates have a clear idea of why customers are contacting a company, it provides a major advantage. Associates can have the information they need to provide resolutions at their fingertips, which means they’ll be ready to help customers as soon as they join the call, chat, or messaging session.

From the customers’ perspective, an intents-driven CX strategy helps ensure they get answers to their questions as quickly as possible, resulting in shorter wait times, less frustration, and a better overall experience.

In TTEC’s new strategy guide, "CX Trends 2024: 4 megatrends shaping the future of customer and employee experiences,” we identify the top customer intents for the banking and insurance industries. We also offer real-life strategies you can start implementing now to make your CX operation more attuned to what your customers want and expect.

In 2024, prioritise diving into customer intents so you’ll be better positioned to deliver proactive CX. When you truly understand customer behavior, you can orchestrate pre-emptive and proactive interactions that achieve the best outcome for your customers and your business.
And once you know your industry’s and company’s top intents, you can thoughtfully determine which channels best serve those intents and implement them to increase customer satisfaction and keep costs down.
Gaining a deeper understanding of customers is just one of the megatrends TTEC has identified that will transform CX and employee experience in the coming year and beyond. For more, check out our full 2024 CX trends report.