Omnichannel Excellence Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint


The path to digital and omnichannel excellence is paved with incremental customer engagement improvements.

When discussing omnichannel strategy, digital is nearly always considered a top priority. But every consumer has different digital preferences, and organisations must first understand how all the contact channels fit together before even beginning to think about implementing a full omnichannel plan.

That's why we've dug deeper into the digital experience by conducting a survey with consumers about their expectations and preferences when it comes to digital interactions with brands. These research findings provide insights into customer expectations and preferences, and can help guide your omnichannel strategy.

Read this eBook to discover:

  • What consumers want companies to prioritise in their CX efforts
  • The channels which consumers prefer to interact with brands, depending on the situation and industry
  • Small tactical changes companies can make quickly to create big improvements in meeting customer expectations
  • The steps needed to operationalise a scalable omnichannel approach

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