Smart Devices Need Smart Customer Strategies

Mobility and digitisation have fundamentally changed how customers connect with brands. There are more than 2 billion active smart devices in the market today. And the average user reaches for his or her smartphone more than 100 times a day to text, use apps, or surf the mobile web.

Engaging mobile users in a digital world means thinking differently about customer engagement. These users are always on, and they want to use any channel they like, whenever they like, and however they like. As a result, companies need to be relevant in what, when, and where they interact with individual customers. That means rethinking data and analytics practices to be match the right content to the right customer at the right time.

Knowing your customer starts with data. Smart devices generate so much valuable insight in the form of Big Data, structured, unstructured, and even semi-structured data through device and usage data. Device data includes device type, make and model, operating system and version, and unique device ID, location, time zone, carrier, and language. For example, reporters covering the U.S. Presidential campaign knew that Donald Trump used an Android phone as his primary device. They then determined that tweets originating from an Android operating system came from the future President himself, while ones sent from an iPhone were likely from those on his staff.

Within the device, usage data includes downloads, apps being used, length of time of app sessions, and unique in-app analytics based on the app developer.

Data scientists can add this insight to other data sources to generate a clearer picture of their digital consumers. Digital journey mapping and diagnostics, behavioural analytics, sentiment analysis, real-time data access, and cross-platform data integration will help companies develop the right engagement opportunities for individual customers on their devices.

10 “must do” smart device engagement activities: New data sources and real-time execution sounds overwhelming, but do not fret. Keep these 10 tips in mind when implementing initiatives to improve smart device customer engagement:

  1. Take a breath: Before your launch into action, make sure you have set clear goals and a well-though out strategy’
  2. Be relevant: Smart devices, especially mobiles, do not come with built-in permission to spam.
  3. Clarity rocks!: Use plain language in everything you do – whether the customer sees it or not.
  4. Brevity rules: Be bright! Be brief! Be gone! – make the most of individual moments’
  5. Don’t ask, don’t tell: Don’t ask for something you should already know, could infer or don’t really need.
  6. Respect privacy: Be open about gathering data, even if you are not obvious about it & don’t gather more than you need.
  7. Instrument the experience: Smart devices offer unparalleled opportunities for gathering data and insights.
  8. Every screen counts: Give every screen and overlay a unique, human-readable tag.
  9. Avoid tag frenzy: Monitoring user interactions is important but you don’t need to record every one – summarise!
  10. Put the customer first: Put the customer at the heart of your business process, not at the ends.