Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is providing non-primary organizational activities and functions to third-party suppliers. Business Process Outsourcing can handle tasks such as payroll, HR, accounting, and contact center roles. There are many ways to outsource your operations, including onshore outsourcing, which is recruiting services from outside of an organization but within the same country, nearshore outsourcing, which is when an organization recruits employees from a neighboring country to complete services, and offshore outsourcing, which is when an organization recruits a third party supplier to conduct operations from an outside country.

Additional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Resources

  • Why and How to Outsource Your Contact Center Operations: Customer experiences, from marketing to sales and service, are now reflections of the brand. Consumers expect great interactions whenever they connect with a company via voice, chat, email, social media, or other channels. Firms need to differentiate based on the customer service they provide customers. Working with a business process outsource partner provides numerous cost and innovation benefits while also improving the customer experience. .
  • Contact Center Outsourcing Services: Outsourcing customer care and technical support can provide both improved customer experiences and cost savings. Outsourcing can also accelerate digital transformation by providing innovative technological systems and build operational efficiencies through automation. Some of the most common reasons brands choose to outsource customer operations include to reduce costs, gain access to CX tools and technologies, free up internal resources to focus on core business needs, and improve customer experiences with the help of customer management experts.
  • Outsourcing: Which Shore is right for you: Offshore outsourcing, nearshore outsourcing, onshore outsourcing, at-home virtual contact centers, or a combination of them all – there are many BPO outsourcing approaches. In this strategy guide, we take a closer look at all the options so you can learn how each can benefit your business and your customers. Discover the financial and customer benefits of outsourcing various business functions, the pros and cons of the different contact center solutions, and real-world examples of each of the outsourcing approaches.
  • Offshoring, Onshoring, Nearshoring: So Many Shores, So Little Time: The growing remote work culture has business leaders looking for the best talent not only in their locality but across continents. The rise of the open talent economy, remote work, and globalization has leveled the playing field: now you must decide which outsourcing option is right for you. And it’s important to remember that you are never limited to only one. Different operations work best in different environments, the ability to mix and match gives organizations the opportunity to be nimble and flexible with how they deliver amazing customer experiences. In this blog post, learn more about the types of BPO, and the different delivery models companies can utilize to outsource business processes.
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  • Forge a Proactive Digital Future in the BPO Space: The BPO market has changed. COVID-19 forced BPO vendors to prioritize technology for continuity and to enhance customer and employee experiences that have shifted home. Now is the time to pivot your digital transformation strategy and embrace an adaptive mindset to face a new reality. In this blog article, learn more about the strategies that define leadership in digital transformation.
  • How to Maximize Your Back Office Operations in 4 Steps: Organizations that value customer experience know their back office services provide invaluable support. That’s because they understand a strong backline is a strong frontline. Back office services, a broad range of non-customer facing transactions, handles countless tasks from brand protection, site management, billing, all the way down to shipping and ordering. But disorganized back offices can lead to low motivation, unnecessary rework, and financial loss. That’s why we’ve identified 4 key steps fundamental to any back office to help your associates truly achieve their best in a healthy and productive environment.
  • Workforce Management Outsourcing: 6 Reasons it Makes Strategic Sense: In this article, we discuss the common reasons to outsource the contact center process in general, and explain how that applies to outsourcing the workforce management process specifically. Overall, we go into detail about six reasons workforce management as a service and WFM managed services make strategic sense for businesses.
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  • 4 Questions to Decide if Contact Center Outsourcing is Right for You: If done right, a business process outsourcing company can help your organization gain specialized knowledge, core competencies, and resources, as well as gain quick access to a flexible workforce and innovation ideas. In this checklist, we provide 4 key questions to ask when deciding if outsourcing services is right for your brand.