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Outsourcing customer care and technical support is a cost effective way for brands to improve CX, accelerate digital transformation, and build operational efficiencies. We are contact center design, implementation, and management experts, and we can help you determine which contact center outsourcing approach – onshore, nearshore, offshore, virtual, automated, or a combination of them all – is best for your business. Schedule a virtual meeting to learn how our contact center and call center outsourcing services can:

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For over 40 years, through our customer experience BPO, technology, consulting, and analytics services, we deliver optimized customer care, tech support, sales, AI operations, and trust and safety solutions. We help companies continuously optimize CX and business outcomes to deliver the highest customer satisfaction at the lowest cost of conversation. For companies looking at customer service outsourcing solutions, it is important to realize that not all call center outsourcing companies are focused on ensuring exceptional CX. That is why TTEC is an ideal contact center outsourcing partner for your company. We are focused on providing cost and innovation benefits while also delivering exceptional, award-winning customer experiences.


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Five benefits contact center outsourcing companies can provide

With the right CX outsourcing partner by your side, you’ll have the people, tools, and strategy you need to improve customer experience and employee experience as you cut costs and drive revenue growth.


Highly skilled CX workforce with the ability scale quickly

An outsourcing partner understands the skills and personality types that work best in specific CX roles, and has the tools and resources to find and staff them quickly and efficiently. By letting an outsourcing partner represent the organization for ongoing and seasonal support, the business can focus its attention on driving results.


Faster, more efficient support with omnichannel expertise

A contact center outsourcing vendor has the world-wide resources to service the global marketplace, ensuring customers get the experiences they expect no matter where they are. The right partner can deploy the best people and contact center outsourcing platform technology - physically and digitally - at a moment's notice during seasonal surges and emergencies.


Digital-first with a human touch

Companies need to provide multiple channels of support and know what channels work best for different interactions, but mastering omnichannel CX is complicated. An experienced contact center outsourcing service provider knows how to balance technology, digital channels, and people in a cost-efficient manner - improving customer satisfaction while reducing costs along the way.


CX and contact center experts on your side

Brands often are so focused on their core business that they view CX as a secondary function, resulting in a disconnect with customers. A CX outsourcing partner lives and breathes customer experience. By partnering with one, brands gain access to end-to-end CX capabilities and digital tools, next-gen strategies, operations expertise, and world-class associates who serve as brand ambassadors.


Cost-effective solutions that improve CX

A contact center outsourcing provider can help you save money by reducing labor costs, using automation where it makes sense, streamlining processes, and connecting you to existing infrastructure. The money you save through outsourced contact center services can be reinvested in the core parts of your business. But a good outsourcing team won’t just save you money; it will help you realize savings without sacrificing CX along the way. Better CX at a lower total cost is a win-win.


Finding the right balance when outsourcing contact centers

icons showing the variety of customer service outsourcing solutions available

Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions

Will the contact center operations be done onshore, nearshore, or offshore? Will they be staffed by call center agents in a brick and mortar center or at-home associates in a virtual contact center — or a combination? Our contact center outsourcing consulting experts provide a summary of the most common contact center outsourcing models
onshore contact center outsourcing icon


Associates in your home country or region who can easily relate to customers and their experiences. This option is best used for privacy, security, and brands with sensitive information or regulatory constraints.

nearshore contact center outsourcing icon


Work with contact centers in a neighboring country to maintain a similar culture, proximity, and language to the brand, but at more affordable cost.

offshore contact center outsourcing icon


Provide service from low-cost regions around the globe to reduce costs and tap into seasoned CX experts. Simple or transactional interactions are the easiest to move here.

at home virtual contact center and call center icon

Virtual / At-home

Recruit onshore associates who work from home to reduce overhead costs, lower attrition, and raise retention. No geographical barriers lets you recruit the best of the best anywhere.

managed services icon

Managed services

Keep your own contact center, while finding partners to help with particular client needs like talent acquisition, leadership development, and workforce management. This can let you focus on everyday business and CX.

call center automation icon

Self Service / Automation

Add intelligent automation to your brick and mortar and remote contact center operations at scale. Leverage AI, RPA, and RDA to improve employee productivity, operational KPIs and customer experiences, while also reducing cost to serve.


About us

TTEC (pronounced T-TEC) Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTEC) is a leading global CX (customer experience) technology and services innovator for AI-enabled digital CX solutions. Serving iconic and disruptive brands, TTEC's outcome-based solutions span the entire enterprise, touch every virtual interaction channel, and improve each step of the customer journey. Leveraging next-gen digital technology, the Company's TTEC Digital business designs, builds, and operates omnichannel contact center technology, CRM, AI and analytics solutions. The Company's TTEC Engage business delivers AI-enabled customer engagement, customer acquisition and growth, tech support, back office, and fraud prevention services. Founded in 1982, the company's singular obsession with CX excellence has earned it leading client, customer, and employee satisfaction scores across the globe. The Company's over 60,000 employees operate on six continents and bring technology and humanity together to deliver happy customers and differentiated business results.


Award-winning CX strategy, technology, and contact center outsourcing services

logos of some of our contact center outsourcing related awards

  • TTEC Wins Gold For 2022 Stevie® Awards For Sales And Customer Service
  • TTEC recognized as a Leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Customer Service BPO
  • Outsourced Contact Centre of the Year and Best Pan-European Contact Centre of the Year silver award at the 2019 European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards
  • TTEC Makes Virtual Vocations’ Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2022
  • RealPlay™, AI-powered training technology, named "Disruptive Technology of Year" by Customer Contact Week as part of its 2020 CCW Excellence Awards.
  • Best Nearshore Team from the Global Sourcing Association (GSA)
  • 2018 Gold Stevie for Customer Service or Call Center Consulting Practice of the Year
  • IAOP Global Outsourcing List of World’s Best Service Providers
  • Leader in ISG’s Contact Center Customer Experience Services Quadrant Report

We help you design, build, operate, and optimize CX

Increase customer satisfaction, grow revenue, and reduce costs all at the same time? Yes, it is possible. Forward-thinking companies view customer experience transformation as an investment in the future of their business. And, when that experience makes customers and employees happy, it’s an investment that sustains itself. Our contact center outsourcing services help you design, build, and operate exceptional customer and employee experiences.


Contact Center Outsourcing Resources

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improved operational KPIs, cost savings, and enhanced customer and employee experiences. Our digital
transformation and CX consulting experts have created many market research trends reports, strategy
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