Retail and eCommerce Client Story

Human + Digital Expertise = Next-Level E-Commerce Customer Support

TTEC transformed an online retailer’s customer service with a sophisticated multichannel and multilingual strategy.

>90% SVL <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />

service levels

>50% NPS <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />


87% Average <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />

Quality Score

The Challenge

An online retailer that specializes in consumer electronics wanted to take its customer service to the next level by providing multichannel and multilingual customer support as part of its strategic vision and growth strategy. It needed a partner with the expertise, technology, and know-how to help it serve customers across different countries, languages, and time zones and build meaningful customer relationships.

Our Solution

As its chosen partner, TTEC worked closely with the client on maximizing and enhancing its customer support. We utilized our expansive resources and talent pool to recruit, hire, and onboard multilingual associates across two contact centers in Canada. We built and implemented infrastructure that enabled the associates to communicate with customers via voice, chat, and email in French, English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish.

We provided translation tools such as Unbable, an AI-powered translation tool that translated inbound chat messages in a wide range of languages and helped agents provide native-quality responses. We also implemented a Quality Assurance program for identifying language-based pain points and other types of friction in customer interactions that were quickly rectified. Nipping issues in the bud helped ensure a better customer experience and avoid transfers and follow-ups from other departments.

Additionally, we integrated the QA program with a Net Promoter Score dashboard with all historical client data included, providing greater visibility into customer feedback and insight. Prior to our partnership, the client didn’t have any performance reporting for its customer support so we created a Scorecard that tracked KPIs at a site level, team level, and agent level to home in on areas that needed to be optimized or where agents needed more training/coaching.

Finally, as a global service provider, we utilized our GDPR best practices and expertise to reduce the client’s exposure to potential GDPR privacy breaches. We implemented a proactive solution for eliminating and/or reducing breaches. We also assisted the client in putting a GDPR plan in place which outlined protocols to follow if a breach occurs.

The Results

With our help, the client saw a dramatic improvement in its customer experience and support. We achieved over 90% service levels for all channels and an average quality score of 87%. In 12 months we improved our overall NPS by more than 50% and increased NPS results among agents that used Unbable in chat interactions by 19 points. CSAT also rose 8% in one year. GDPR privacy breaches were reduced from an average of 7 to 1 in just four months. As our partnership grows, we are continuing to help the client deliver an excellent customer experience by delivering strong results and support.


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