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Digital Transformation Powered by RPA/RDA

More than 200 customer-related automated processes lower a telecom’s cost to serve.

200+ processes


Time and cost savings

of up to 85%

Improved customer


The Challenge

A leading telecom was looking to improve the efficiency of its customer-facing and enterprise back-office operations. It was open to automation, but was looking for a partner to make the right investments in the areas that would have the biggest impact.

The Solution

What began as a small robotic process automation project grew into a comprehensive digital transformation across the business. TTEC began with a proof-of-concept to show potential savings and how the solution would work as part of the client’s systems. The team deployed 20 assisted Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) processes and eight unassisted Robotic Process Automation (RPA) processes for back-office and logistics functions. Impressive savings and the success of the pilot led to a much larger RPA rollout to other lines of business.

Working with the client’s Chief Digital Officer, TTEC partnered to create a center of excellence to capture, promote, collaborate, and share new knowledge about RPA with the rest of the company. That led to a comprehensive digital transformation to design, develop, and implement a network of Intelligent Virtual Assistants across more than 200 unique processes in 10 departments including customer service, finance, HR, digital marketing, and logistics. Not only did this impact speed and efficiency in those departments, but it also eliminated the potential for human error for a positive effect on quality and compliance.

Externally, customers could now use automated processes to power self-service balance inquiries, smartphone activation/deactivation, or fraud reporting, to name a few of the 98 front-office processes that were automated. Internally, RPAs handled tasks such as payment confirmations, credit verification, and enterprise supply orders, among others.

The Results

The program resulted in a material reduction in time and costs by up to 85% in some cases. In addition, the quality of the customer experience improved because of better speed and efficiency of customer interactions. And the client has continued to evolve its use of automation by deploying intelligent Business Process Management, which combines RPA and Case Management to streamline more complex functions.


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