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The BPO market has changed. COVID-19 forced the industry to prioritize technology for continuity and to enhance customer and employee experiences that have shifted home.

Now is the time to pivot your digital transformation strategy and embrace an adaptive mindset to face a new reality. I recently spoke about this topic with Regalix TV’s Rajiv Parikh, where I shared the strategies that define Leadership in Digital Transformation.

Strategy #1: Amazing CX begins with amazing EX

Amazing customer experiences are effortless. They allow customers to seamlessly navigate the channels and services your organization offer all while never missing a beat. The same standards should apply to your employee experience.

A great customer experience hinges on your brand ambassador’s ability to deliver information that is relevant and empathetic on any channel. Leaders need to break down siloes. It’s a tired saying, but a successful journey begins with understanding that your transformation needs to include everyone. This is what I call being an “insightful advisor.” And in a workplace that is becoming increasingly remote, it is crucial that everyone is brought together.

Strategy #2: Lead with insights, not products

Technology should not be introduced for technology sake, it needs to have purpose. How people define their experiences with your product is the greatest differentiator— is it easy, welcoming, or complicated, for example? That is the battle between insights and product. In today’s age we must lead with insights over products.

Going headfirst with digital products blinds us to biases. An organization may lead with messaging because they believe millennials only crave non-verbal interactions, but it’s unfair to those who prefer personal interactions. Strike a balance between digital and traditional channels like voice or in-person.

Underpinning any assumptions we make around technology is the concept of choice. If you are enabling choice you are never funneling anyone. It’s essential to not have assumptions around generations. The power lies in making it a consistent journey for everyone.

Strategy #3: Understand every step of the journey

This is the introspective part of your digital transformation. Take a five-year look at the journey you are going to take. How do you anticipate the next best experience? Make sure that every step is defined and measurable for your organization.

Leaders in the BPO space need to create roadmaps around their digital transformation. When planning, consider the map as an evolutionary journey where everyone evolves with you. The best leaders in the space understand that no department is left behind in their digital transformation. Likewise, consider how every department being brought along will change?

Be communicative and transparent about how your journey will shape the organization. This includes ensuring that stakeholders are in on the vision as well.

Learn, adopt, survive

I’ve learned that in a customer-first space, the more you focus on the customer journey, the rest will figure itself out. A digital transformation journey is a fight to earn lifetime customers, nothing is given. At TTEC we’ve strived to paint a vision that transcends difficult times, while keeping our core values at the forefront of any journey.

With nearly three decades of experience, my best takeaway is understanding what carried you through every hardship and make-it part of your brand. Adapt and face the challenges of your effortless future head-on.

If you want to hear more about my approach to an ever-changing digital future, listen to the full interview, Leadership in Digital Transformation, at Regalix TV.