TTEC’s most popular content of 2021

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2021 was about moving forward. The content we wrote this year focused on how the best of humanity, technology, and innovation helped organizations push past the pandemic and into a brighter future for customers and employees.

Join us as we explore TTEC’s most popular content from this year to get a head start on making 2022 the best year ever for CX:

TTEC blog posts

  1. Contact center vs. call center: 6 key differences and why it matters
  2. 5 tips for avoiding work-from-home scams (and how to land legit remote jobs)
  3. Ten contact center IVR best practices to improve CX
  4. Sales outsourcing: 11 benefits of outsourcing sales
  5. Contact center automation: tools and trends for the decade ahead

Customer Strategist Journal articles

  1. Digital customer experience strategy: Six key areas to focus your efforts
  2. 4 CRM trends driving innovation
  3. Loyalty program strategy: 5 best practices to align with your business strategy
  4. The 4 steps to becoming customer-centric airline
  5. The future impact of social media

Strategy guides & special reports

  1. Customer experience trends for 2021
  2. New benchmarks for customer contact performance
  3. How to elevate your customer’s journey in 5 simple steps
  4. 7 customer experience strategies for contact centers post-crisis
  5. Reimagine the citizen experience

White papers

  1. Top customer service AI and automation trends for 2022
  2. Retail pharmacy vaccine rollout
  3. Inside sales outsourcing: 11 ways to grow your business
  4. Open enrollment: smart seasonal strategies that drive more conversions for less
  5. How virtual contact center support beat brick-and-mortar results

The CX Pod episodes

  1. Here's why this entrepreneur is excited about CX
  2. Employee retention vs. the great resignation
  3. What's now and what's next in Customer experience
  4. How retail CX is evolving
  5. CX and COVID-19: A healthcare leader’s view