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How to elevate your customer's journey in 5 simple steps

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There are many things a business can do to become truly customer-centric. The first step is to make a commitment to consider the customer experience as a priority that drives differentiation and creates competitive advantage. But what happens next? What steps should a business follow to realize that vision? Every goal worth achieving needs a plan to get there. Check out this strategy guide to learn how to transform CX using the customer journey as a map to guide you.


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5 steps to transform your customer experience

When done well, using customer journey maps to guide CX transformation creates new customer value that can lead to sustained competitive advantage. This can take the form of tactical or strategic actions as defined by your strategy.

Read this Strategy Guide to:

  • Learn what drives customer engagement
  • Understand the current customer journey
  • Generate new ideas to improve the CX journey
  • Make the right investments
  • Develop customer-focused capabilities
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Optimize channels, operations, and customer interactions

Understanding the customer journey provides a view of the end-to-end customer experience, providing a visual guide to identify pain points and find where new value can be created


Understand your customers and their preferred channels and ways to engage

Identify operational inefficiencies and quick wins to improve


Break down organizational silos to learn how each department impacts CX

Anticipate customer pain points so they can be proactively addressed


Improve customer experiences by understanding the customer journey


Customer journey maps are critical to executing successful customer experience strategy and design. They drive deep understanding of your customers by deconstructing their unique journey into discreet steps that illustrate key moments of truth, delight, and pain with your brand. TTEC’s CX Journey Mapping and CX transformation solutions provide the canvas for orchestrating the specific capabilities needed to realize the future-state CX vision across people, channels, process, and technology.

  • CX Journey Mapping Solutions: Our customer journey mapping consultants will help you streamline the customer experience by identifying pain points customers have in achieving their goals. In addition, customer journey mapping tools aid in blending historical and real-time data to provide visual representation of the target customer journey and insights to make interactions more efficient.
  • Which Customer Journey Framework is Right for You?: Are you creating a customer journey from scratch or trying to orchestrate journeys within your existing technologies? What is the starting point and what will be the next customer journey steps? There are as many journey maps as there are strategic imperatives for your business. In this article, we outline customer journey mapping trends and explore the most common and successful approaches.
  • Five Steps to Customer-Centric Digital Transformation: Moving from a channel-centric to customer-centric operating model can feel like a mammoth undertaking. Don't worry! In this White Paper, we'll explain the five key steps to enable end-to-end digital transformation that improves customer satisfaction, reduces cost, and increases revenue.
  • How to create impactful CX Maps: Customer journey maps come in a variety of flavors, depending on the business problems you are solving for. Some high-level examples simply seek to define customer expectations and outline campaigns. Others are more complex and are meant to be a template for long-term marketing and customer service action. In this article, we explore the three characteristics that the most impactful CX maps all have in common.
  • Voice of the Customer Strategy and Best Practices: Gain valuable insights about your products and services by implementing these five best practices for customer feedback. Also learn about common customer data myths that hinder voice of the customer program implementation.
  • Guide to Effortless Omnichannel CX: From ideal customers researching your products or services, to purchase decision, to post purchase customer feedback, implement an omnichannel strategy across multiple touchpoints to gain a better understanding of customer interactions with your brand throughout the entire customer journey. 

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How to Elevate Your Customer's Journey in 5 Simple Steps