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Be the Change: Nurturing Growth Amidst Disruption

Customer Experience Disruption Shifts From "Why" to "How"

The days of disruption are here. No company is immune to the many customer experience changes underway. Whether you’re a hyper-growth start-up or a traditional company with roots going back centuries, your business is likely in the midst of a customer transformation

As we move into 2019, the conversation around disruption is no longer about whether it’s happening. It’s realizing disruption is here, and how to make it work for your business. Firms are taking practical steps to prioritize initiatives that have a positive impact on customers and growth. 

What technologies will work best for your business and customers? How do you balance automation with human interaction? What’s the right channel mix? All of these questions get to the tactics behind customer transformation. 

This issue is chock full of stories of disruption and transformation, along with outcomes that follow. AT&T Business’ president of global operations and services shares results of its Workforce 2020 employee training program, which has won awards and boosted customer NPS. ThirdLove executives discuss how the company breaks through the noise in the competitive women’s apparel market with customer insight and personalization. We place a focus on healthcare in this issue, with research about customer experience realities for health plans and physicians. 

And we publish the latest findings of the Customer-Centric DNA Benchmark Study (in partnership with Janet LeBlanc + Associates), showing how executive perceptions of their own customer-centric DNA have trended since 2012. 

Enjoy the issue and happy New Year!