Omnichannel Orchestration

Every channel, Synchronized

Our omnichannel solutions help brands orchestrate a seamless customer experience within and across every touchpoint.

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Drive business results with omnichannel CX Technology

Imagine if you could enable internal systems to operate seamlessly together to deliver frictionless technology experiences for employees and customers across every channel and direct customer queries to the optimal channel for each interaction. Our omnichannel orchestration solutions make it possible. Today's hyper-connected customers want to engage with brands on their terms, regardless of channel, and they expect it to be simple, seamless, and consistent. We help you realize the true value and business results of omnichannel through orchestration, not just technology.

  • CX Journey Mapping
  • Experience Design
  • CRM Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Contact Center Software

Customer Journey Mapping

Have you walked in your customers shoes? Do you understand their journey?

Customer journey maps are critical to executing a successful customer experience strategy and design. They drive customer insight by deconstructing their unique journey into discreet steps that illustrate key moments of truth, delight, and pain with your brand. Our CX Journey Mapping solution show you how to realize your future-state CX vision across people, channels, process, and technology.


Customer Experience Design

You won't get there if you don't know where you want to go.

The first step to delivering better customer experiences is to document your aspirations. Our Customer Experience Design solution storyboards the end-to-end ideal customer experience and connects the dots between interaction points and workflows across multiple channels.


CRM Development

The foundation of exceptional customer experiences.

Productivity, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction are all adversely impacted when Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems aren't properly integrated into a company's contact center. On one side, associates are challenged by disconnected systems, multiple knowledge bases, and a lack of back-office connectivity. On the other side, customers are frustrated by a lack of consistency and personalization. Our CRM solutions design and implement an effective CRM system to unify and optimize customer data to gain a full view of the entire customer journey.

Our CRM solutions give you a complete 360-degree view of your customers.

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Systems Integration

We're systems and technlogy experts.

Reduce risk by partnering with proven experts who have a 95% client renewal rate year-over-year. Our professional services has over 20 years experience designing, managing, and implementing integrated multi-vendor contact center technologies and infrastructures. We blend reliable platforms and service and industry-leading hardware and software applications to deliver best-in-class customer experience solutions at any scale.


Superior Contact Center Software

Delivering best-in-class contact center solutions at any scale

Today’s customers have more choices than ever. If you don’t create a positive connection, the competition is just a click away. That is why it is more important than ever to create personalized, customer-centric experiences that represent your brand. Great technology and design is essential to delivering connected customer experiences. Our Humanify® Technology Platforms deliver enterprise-class contact center solutions for omnichannel interactions. They support a seamless, personalized, and contextual transition between all engagement channels.

Our contact center software solutions deliver the service today's connected customers expect.

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See how our omnichannel technology orchestrates an optimal customer journey.

Meet Chris. He is having issues with slow internet service.
App offers
STEP 1 Chris logs into his app and uses self-help to find out how to reset modem. It is still not working, so he requests a call back within the app.
Omnichannel platform
STEP 2 The associate recognizes Chris and asks one security question to confirm identity. After diagnosing the issue, a technician visit is scheduled during the call, and Chris receives a confirmation text.
Seamless handoffs
STEP 3 The technician visits and fixes the problem, while also explaining how Chris can optimize internet speed.
Smart Chatbots
STEP 4 Chris fails to take notes and launches the chat function on the website to find the answer. The chatbot offers answers to optimize his internet speed.
Call deflection
STEP 5 Chris is able to follow the chatbot instructions which optimizes his internet speed and he then tweets about a positive service experience.

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