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Cloud contact centers provide many benefits, such as increased flexibility, cost savings, and the ability to support customers from virtually anywhere. As companies move from on-premise to cloud contact center software, there are new opportunities to identify CX innovation and leverage cloud contact center best practices to enable value-based transformation. In this trends report, we explore four ways brands are taking advantage of cloud contact centers to spur business growth.

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Cloud contact center solutions provide the tools needed to bring personalized customer care to every interaction

  • Flexibility: Cloud based contact centers can scale up or down depending on customer traffic, eliminating long deployment times typical of on-premise contact centers.
  • Shorter ramp times: The ability to easily implement digital solutions, , such as workforce optimization tools, means shorter ramp times and faster scaling.
  • Cost savings: With cloud contact centers, users only pay for the services that are used. Cloud contact centers also have lower overhead and maintenance costs than on-premise systems.
  • More resources: Cloud contact centers provide access to software applications and tools that may be too costly or complex to integrate otherwise.
  • Free up internal IT: A third-party provider can manage contact center applications and infrastructure, allowing a brand’s IT team to focus on more strategic projects.
  • More hiring options: The ability to train, on-board, and deploy employees from any location gives companies a much wider recruitment pool across countries and time zones.

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Our highly scalable cloud contact center solutions are designed for omnichannel interactions by supporting a single view of the customer. This allows you to provide a seamless customer experience within and across channels, including voice, email, chat, messaging, SMS, co-browse, and social. Our cloud contact center solutions are also scalable based on your needs, with a modular structure that enables incremental channels and capabilities quickly and cost effectively. Also, our cloud solutions offer real time knowledge management to provide more relevant and consistent answers, intelligent automation of front- and back-office processes to streamline operations, and customer interaction analytics tools to offer insights for continuous improvement.

Beyond the best technology and operational processes, our contact center solutions are also powered by the best customer care associates. We’re very selective in building our team with a 1-to-10 applicant to hire ratio. Once we’ve found the right fit, we onboard, train, and celebrate our employees. Our employee engagement score is one of the highest in the services industry and our best source of new talent is through employee referrals. With better associates and better tools, our cloud contact centers produce better results, increased ROI, and easier innovation. Our Fortune 500 clients get best-in-class operations with engaged and empowered employees to help power their digital transformation to our cloud contact center solutions.


Cloud contact center technology to deliver best-in-class CX solutions at any scale


Drawing on our 20+ years of contact center software expertise, we blend reliable platform services with industry leading hardware and software applications to deliver best-in-class customer experience solutions at any scale. Here are some additional resources on top contact center trends across a range of digital transformation and operational topics. As we head towards the new year, some important cloud contact center trends for 2021 and beyond include a focus on strong cloud security, implementation of robust contact center automation and customer self-service tools, such as RPA, RDA, and conversational messaging, an emphasis on creating digital customer experience journeys that are customer-centric, and a focus on omnichannel orchestration to bring it all together and make your CX efforts sing.

  • Cloud Contact Center Best Practices: Security: Businesses with large technology infrastructure and data centers have found great advantages in moving previously premise-based systems to the cloud. Cloud contact centers can deliver better and more cost-efficient customer service. At the same time, it is critical that data in the cloud is secure. In this article, learn best practices in cloud contact center security.
  • Digital Transformation Workbook for Contact Centers: Achieving a value-based digital transformation in the contact center starts with a tactical cloud migration plan – one that’s rooted in an unbreakable alignment of business goals, IT strategy and customer needs. Our Center for Customer Excellence designed a 7-point digital planning workbook to help facilitate richer, more productive CX transformation discussions between IT and business leaders.
  • Make Your CX Efforts Sing with Channel Orchestration: By focusing on omnichannel routing, interactive voice response (IVR), and CRM integration you can direct call volume to the best communication channel for each customer interaction. Intelligent routing of calls based on skills and deflecting calls to self-service channels when possible can also improve KPIs, call center agent satisfaction and productivity, and customer experiences. In this strategy guide, learn 4 keys to successfully integrating traditional and digital channels for CX and operational excellence.
  • Is a Cloud Contact Center Partner Right for You?: Migrating to the cloud is about more than technology and call center software; it is about proactive business transformation. In addition to the technical and structural requirements, companies must define the business drivers and desired outcomes. In this article, learn five key questions to ask, to ensure a successful cloud contact center migration.
  • Contact Center Automation Trends: Contact center automation is accelerating, so it is essential for companies to implement best practices. Technological advances in robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) are literally changing the face of customer care. In this article we look at the top contact center trends improving customer support and the most important technology trends influencing customer experiences.
  • Five Steps to Customer-Centric Digital Transformation: Achieve customer-centric, digital transformation by applying customer journey strategy and real-time technology on top of existing systems. This customer centric approach creates greater customer experiences and improves customer loyalty. In this White Paper, we'll explain the five key steps to enable end-to-end digital transformation that improves customer satisfaction, reduces cost, and increases revenue.

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