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Customer Experience Excellence: It's All How You Look at Things

Customer Centricity Comes Into Focus

I didn’t realize how bad my vision had gotten. The scroll on the bottom of the television news was getting more blurry, and I couldn’t quite make out street signs as easily as I used to when driving around. So when I finally got glasses, I felt like I had gained a superpower.

I could see farther and more in focus than I had imagined possible. My entire perspective of the world changed for the better.

In the business world, customer centricity can be those glasses. Your company may not even realize what improvements are possible until they add a customer lens to all parts of the business, even ones that are typically not considered customer-related. Even mundane operations or back-office processes can be accelerated with efficiency, effectiveness, and boosted customer relationships.

In this issue of the Customer Strategist journal, we highlight industries and business areas not traditionally thought of as customer-focused. Each one has benefited by taking a page from the customer experience playbook. The Saudi Ministry of Labor used customer strategy assessments and touchmaps to give workers a new voice during labor disputes, thus improving overall working conditions and reducing exploitation. Staples changed its approach to B2B sales by leading with personalization and digital channels. And, the new Hopi retail mobile app integrates the shopping experience to realize the promise of omnichannel.

Customer centricity is a superpower that’s readily available to every company. You just need to be able to see it.