Workforce Optimization,
Intelligence, Management

Our suite of WFO, WFI, and WFM solutions help organizations improve employee performance, optimize operational processes, and uncover areas of potential cost savings and revenue.


Work smarter, better, and faster
with our WFO Software

As customer demands rise, meeting these demands and improving the customer experience needs to be balanced with managing employees and operational costs effectively. Our Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution helps you make better business decisions, increase productivity and improve service level via staffing, coaching and performance solutions.

We deliver the industry’s most unified and mature WFO suite, with unmatched functionality, powerful mobile application, simplified system administration and maintenance, real-time enterprise collaboration, intuitive interfaces and navigation, and reduced cost of ownership – and can all be available on our global cloud based monthly subscription platform.


Gain visibility into resources processes across multiple areas of your organization to improve operational efficiency, contact center performance, and employee engagement

Drive efficiencies

Uncover business trends, ways to
improve internal processes, and
missed areas of potential revenue.

Increase Productivity

Utilize key performance indicator
(KPI) scores to improve employee
skills with coaching opportunities

Improve engagement

Standardized framework to
manage and improve employee
and team engagement

Workforce Optimization
The industry gold standard in Workforce Optimization Solutions

We offer the industry gold standard in WFO fully integrated with our cloud platform. Our solution helps organizations capture and analyze the full customer journey, both real-time and historical, from associate to associate, department to department and channel to channel. This insight helps improve agent performance and raises the quality and security of customer interactions. It also helps streamline internal processes, ensures compliance with policies and procedures, and helps organizations discover business trends and opportunities for greater revenue potential.

Integrated Platform
Real solutions. Real results.

Integrate, enhance, and optimize your contact center software, hardware, infrastructure, and people with our leading-edge suite of workforce optimization tools:

  • Workforce management(WFM)
  • Mobile agent/Supervisor application
  • Desktop and process analytics
  • Performance management
  • IP, TDM, SIP, and screen recording
  • Quality management
  • Employee coaching
Unified Platform
Powerful integrations and tools

Our WFO solution platform boasts powerful mobile applications, simplified system administration and maintenance, real-time enterprise collaboration, intuitive interfaces and navigation, and reduced cost of ownership. Our workforce optimization and workforce management also ensure your employees remain well trained and engaged, and are empowered with the best in automation and omnichannel technologies to deliver amazing customer service. Our WFO solution also allows quality monitoring and quickly transforms raw data and metrics across multiple functional areas of your organization into valuable insights so you can streamline and improve processes throughout your organization.


WFO Capabilities

Powerful Insights
  • WFO assessment
  • KPI/KPO correlation analysis (Cloud)
  • Benchmarking
  • Initiative prioritization and roadmap
  • ROI and business case development
  • Ongoing dashboards and reporting
  • Periodic health check services
Aligned Processes
  • Staff schedule review
  • WFM tool use and input/output review
  • Daily, weekly, and seasonal forecasting
  • Command center management
  • WFO problem resolution team
  • Agent desktop/tool simplification
  • Knowledge Management
Integrated Technology
  • Requirements prioritization and development
  • Align tools to support processes
  • Vendor selection process management
  • Cloud or premise options: Nice, Verint, Calabrio, Aspect, etc.
  • Install and test
  • Integration with Coice, CRM,
    CTI, etc.
  • Launch and managed support
Effective Organization
  • WFM training and coaching
  • Employee lifecycle development
  • Curriculum development
  • Learning platforms
  • Learning and continuous integration (CI) gamification
  • Ten winning behaviors
  • Managing for daily improvement
  • Leadership development

Our workforce optimization solution optimizes your existing
systems and processes with these powerful features

Broad Portfolio of CX Optimization

Many customer engagement optimization solutions, including customer analytics, speech analytics, engagement management (EM), and WFO. Learn more about our Workforce Engagement Management solution.

Complete Interoperability

Out-of-the-box business process workflows in the user interface (UI) that delivers unique actionable intelligence for faster and better decision making.

Singular Enterprise-wide Solution

Including back office, branch and contact center customer touch points, the Cloud, Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions (HCS) and through multiple channels.

Business Strategy and Advisory Services

Such as application and technology managed services and change management services to help partners adapt and accelerate success.

Flexible Deployment and Licensing Options

Options include cloud/SaaS and hybrid, on-premises, perpetual, and subscription term options.

OEM and Partner Endorsements

Strong partnerships with Cisco and others


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