Financial Services Client Story

Exceptional Service, Tailored to Fit

Our client’s support volumes increased as much as 200 percent and were stuck with outdated staffing models and scheduling abilities. We were able to use humanify@home to deliver a quality experience.


improvement in operating efficiency


above requirement for customer satisfaction


week reduction in training time

Financial institutions have always known that during the October through February time period, service volumes go way up; what they haven’t known is that there is a better way to handle them. For this institution – one of the world’s largest – inbound support volumes increased as much as 200 percent. This financial services leader was saddled with outdated staffing models and scheduling methodologies that hindered their ability to scale cost-effectively.

We demonstrated how the humanify@home model could benefit the situation, by creating a detailed comparison between their existing operations and our proposed plan. We could reduce the overall staffing requirements, handle all fluctuations in traffic with a scalable solution, and improve key performance indicators in the process. Within three months, we had 230 fully trained part-time associates prepared to handle the unique seasonal needs of this financial institution’s customers.

Humanify@home delivers a quality experience by using proprietary technology and practices to select the right resources from a geographically unlimited pool of candidates. Our training has been streamlined and refined into a virtual model of the actual work environment, which reduces the time to knowledge mastery for each associate. The flexibility of the solution allows for real-time responses to call volumes: quality of experience remains high, and staffing can be ramped up or down to keep costs down.

The agility of the humanify@home staffing solution improved operating efficiencies for our client by 30 percent. The quality of the staffing delivered an average in-chair occupancy of 90 percent; as compared to the client’s 70 percent historical average. We matched the client’s own support team’s scores for First Contact Resolution within four weeks. Even as we reduced the associate time-to-proficiency by two weeks, we also delivered Customer Satisfaction scores that were 110 percent above contractual requirements.


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