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Tap into TTEC's 30+ years of Sales-as-a-Service experience

Take your sales and revenue to the next level

Jumpstart your revenue with the right blend of coaching and development, expert strategy, and hundreds of established best practices. Our customized playbook makes it easy.

Sales Excellence Accelerator Elevate your sales team in 45 days with hundreds of proven best practices and a customized playbook. Learn more

What is the TTEC Sales Accelerator Playbook?

Gain access to more than 400 proven methods that we can easily integrate into your sales team so they can hit the ground running.

  • Established best practices regarding cadences, content, training, and actions
  • A checklist to ensure your program is set up for success from the outset
  • Sales models to enable quick implementation, including compensation plans, contests, coaching practices, and trainings
  • A comprehensive training curriculum to drive desired behaviors from your leadership team
  • Assessments to help track how best practices are being executed by your team
  • Ongoing evaluation and guidance for continued improvement
Hiring Processes and Practices Proven methods for finding and hiring top sales talent Learn more
New-hire Training and Onboarding Tools and strategies to acclimate and train sales talent quickly Learn more
Sales Coaching and Development Everything you need to train a winning sales team Learn more
Sales Drivers Proven ways to motivate sellers and grow revenue on a daily basis Learn more
Seller Engagement Drive results and retain talent with a winning sales environment Learn more

Drive results with our proven strategies

Harness the power of our playbook and expertise to drive ROI quickly.

  • Greater lead generation
  • Improved outreach to leads
  • Higher email open rates
  • Better conversion rates
  • Improved sales team engagement
  • Streamlined sales training