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Proven ways to motivate sellers and grow revenue on a daily basis


Real-time visibility empowers leaders to drive sales

A sense of urgency is at the heart of every successful sales team, and great sales leaders are crucial to getting the most out of sellers. Our leadership model is hands-on, prioritizing two-way communication between leaders and sellers.

A day in the life of a sales leader includes:

Daily team huddle

A start-of-shift huddle with team to review how the previous day went, set today’s objectives, and share any important news or updates that impact the team.

Prepare for daily one-on-ones

Leaders have one hour-long meeting with each seller every week. Typically, leaders will have three of these one-on-one meetings each day.


Call shadowing

Leaders spend a “power hour” listening to sellers’ live sales calls.



In one-on-one coaching sessions, leaders review where sellers stand against their goals, any roadblocks they’re encountering, and ensure goals are aligned.


End-of-day team huddle

These sessions include reviews of seller-by-seller performance for the team, discussion of daily productivity, setting priorities for the next day, and identifying where help is needed.

Visualizing progress

Throughout the day, individual sellers’ progress and percentage-to-goal are displayed on whiteboards to track and provide ongoing motivation.

Our sales leaders spend the bulk of their time coaching sellers so they can achieve optimal results.


Coaching sellers

We expect over 5.5 hours per day is spent developing our sellers.


Admin-type tasks

Email responses, performance data analysis, uploading coaching logs, etc.


Strategy sessions

At least 4 hours per week spent brainstorming strategy with peers.

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Competitive compensation attracts and retains top sales talent

Rewarding sellers with competitive compensation is essential to attracting and retaining top sellers. Our compensation models are reviewed weekly and paid out monthly to keep sellers continually engaged.

As much as 50% of sellers’ compensation is performance-based, and sellers are constantly incentivized through our methodology that awards the highest payout levels to top performers. Merit increases based on tenure and performance are additional incentives.

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Contests quickly incentivize teams to rev up sales

Contests are a proven way to motivate sellers to hit or exceed targets - fast. Contests that offer significant prizes, like trips or other high-value items, can be quick, easy, and agile ways to drive KPIs.

Bingo, poker, and Easter egg hunt-themed contests are just a few of the ways our sales teams infuse some competitive fun into the day-to-day sales process. Contests help improve employee experience and team camaraderie – on top of driving major bottom-line results.

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Our Platinum Club recognizes the best of the best

Elite sellers deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. The Platinum Club is a global recognition program that celebrates sales excellence to drive a positive, innovative, and productive culture.

Winners are awarded significant monetary prizes on a quarterly and annual basis. Winners also get a certificate and an exclusive email banner they can use to celebrate their accomplishments publicly.

To be recognized, sellers and managers complete a nomination process and program leaders determine the winners.

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