sales coaching and Development

New-hire training and onboarding

Tools and strategies to acclimate and train sales talent quickly


Personalized onboarding journey ensures sellers are ready before day one

Ensure your sellers are prepared to hit the ground running with our AI-guided onboarding with a human touch. We use a blend of automation and human interaction to enhance new hires' experience, keep them informed throughout the process, and monitor their feelings about their jobs.

Employees are connected to their manager prior to day one

Salespeople receive a rich immersion into TTEC's culture and expectations

Our sales teams have longer tenure and higher eNPS than many in-house teams

Expert sales training drives revenue and retention

You need to get salespeople up to speed as quickly as possible so they can start generating revenue, but it's also important that they feel supported in their new roles and part of a team.

Our sales teams start by meeting with leaders, sharing best practices, shadowing subject matter experts, discussing career progression and goals, and participating in a new-hire graduation ceremony. The results? Teams are more engaged and deliver results faster.

TTEC sales teams deliver results

sales increase
increase in new customer close rate
increase in upgrade close rate
offshore sales associates added within three years

Guided nesting sets sellers up for continued success

The training and learning doesn't stop once sellers are onboarded. The nesting period is a key part of the process, where we use a mix of automation and human touchpoints to ensure sales teams are equipped and ready to meet or exceed targets.

Sellers attend office hours and ongoing trainings lead by subject matter experts.

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