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Hiring processes and practices

Proven methods for finding and hiring top sales talent


Hiring processes and practices

Proven methods for finding and hiring top sales talent

Best-in-class screening practices and innovative automation enhance the recruiting process

We use our wide reach and talent acquisition expertise to source the best sales talent from across the globe. We use situational judgement tests, personality assessments, chat simulations, language assessments, and other tools, to determine which candidates are best suited to meet your specific needs.

Our complex matching algorithms, combined with our deep knowledge of revenue generation and recruitment, ensure only the best candidates matriculate through the process.

A multichannel approach improves candidate experience and hiring effectiveness

Our customized sales assessment helps identify top sales talent by seeking salespeople who possess key indicators we know drive success, including specific personality traits and situational judgement items that tie directly to sales performance. We know how to hire for sales DNA, use multiple channels to find the best candidates, and stay with them every step of the way through the hiring process.

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Target profile

Industry experience

Job descriptions

Client interviews


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Social Media



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Predictive pre-hire assessment

AI-enabled testing

Video interviews

Communication styles


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Candidate Fit

Interviews with recruiters

Operational observations

Current associate assessments


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Associate mobile onboard experience

Supervisor communications and alignment

Set sellers up for success with
our end-to-end hiring process

We drive interest at the top of the candidate funnel so we can be selective and find the right fit for brands when it comes to both skills and culture. Our hiring process, which includes a mix of digital and personal communications, ensures prospective and new hires have a great experience.

  • New-hire intake form
  • Hiring requisition creation
  • Recruitment
  • Application process
  • Job offer and documents collection
  • Reference and background check
  • Set-up in TTEC systems
  • Preparation for onboarding

Hiring is just one part of building
a winning sales team

Once you've landed top talent, you've need to get them trained quickly to hit the ground running. Eliminate costly trial and error with our proven training and onboarding strategies.

Drive results with our proven strategies

Harness the power of our playbook and expertise to drive ROI quickly.

  • Greater lead generation
  • Improved outreach to leads
  • Higher email open rates
  • Better conversion rates
  • Improved sales team engagement
  • Streamlined sales training