Volume 7 | Issue 1 | 2015

Engagement Is the New Loyalty

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In this issue:


Frank Underwood Serves Up Loyalty Lessons

One of my favorite television shows is House of Cards. I can’t get enough of Frank and Claire Underwood, played with perfection by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.... more »


How Valuable Is a Loyalty Program?

Customer loyalty is a holy grail for many companies. And in recent years, loyalty programs that reward customers for remaining faithful to the brand have grown... more »


4 Retail Bad Habits to Break

In the face of media reports that the state of retail is weakening, shopping is not dead. In-store and online buying continues to remain popular. More than 40 percent... more »

9 Leadership Behaviors That Drive Customer Loyalty

My colleague Kurt in Brussels recently told me a customer experience story he experienced first-hand. “We were just about to move into our newly built... more »

Take an Evergreen Approach to Loyalty Growth

For loyalty to grow, brands must nurture and support customer engagement. However, in recent years, many have become lost in the desire to “surprise and delight... more »

The Technology Behind Customer Engagement

Customer loyalty is the product of great customer experience. And in many cases, your company’s customer experience becomes your brand. Its importance in the... more »

Case Studies

From Loyalty to Engagement

Belgian telecom Proximus finds itself in a common situation: It is beginning to outgrow its traditional points-based loyalty program. Though it has been successful... more »

There’s No One More Loyal Than a Sports Fan

You won’t find customers more loyal than in the sporting world. Many fans are notoriously devoted to their teams, often for their entire lives. They invest... more »

Industry Insight

Gamifying Customer Engagement to Drive Growth

Just as an engaged couple commits to spending the rest of their lives together, engaged customers commit to a company, and vice versa. They take their relationship to... more »

Healthcare's Loyalty Landscape

Consumerism is a growing trend that is transforming the healthcare space. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that 26 million more people will be insured by... more »

Airlines: Where It All Began

The airline industry is considered the birthplace of the modern loyalty points program. After the launch of frequent flier programs like American Airlines’... more »

Proof Points

Pop the Bubble Surrounding Your Sales Team

It’s a tumultuous time for the financial services industry. Economic uncertainty rules worldwide, scandals have eroded consumer trust, and the industry is under... more »

5 Ways to Challenge Your Thinking About Sales Strategy

Strategy is about making specific choices to win in the marketplace. It’s about how to practically translate the business’ aspiration into reality.... more »

Revenue Doubles After Sales Collaboration

We worked with the sales division of a client whose sales team relied heavily on operations, marketing, distribution, and finance to be successful. Yet the team always... more »

Strategy Speaks

Blinded by Customer Loyalty

No matter what your business is, I can absolutely guarantee an increase to your average customer retention rate. If customer loyalty is all you care about, I know a... more »

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