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Unlock Relevant Sales Experiences with Speech Analytics

Chat bubbles outside the buildings

The at-home environment has put digital, convenience, and proactive service into hyper-drive. This applies to sales as well as customer service. Inside sales associates are turning to new ways to meet and beat sales targets.

One important digital sales tool is speech analytics. In the TTEC OnDemand Webinar, How the selling greats use speech analytics to score more deals, we teamed up with top players in the speech analytics game to explore how organizations can use speech analytics to gain efficiencies, lift conversion rates, and improve revenue. The panelists highlighted how speech analytics can empower inside sales associates. Here are just a few of the capabilities discussed:

The right tool for the job

Speech analytics is the analysis of transcribed voice and ingested text engagements along with metadata including CRM and notes to identify trends, voice-of-the-customer insights, performance drivers, and other insights to help sales conversations and decision making.

This is incredibly important for a sales process that could go sideways at a moment’s notice due to bad interfaces or poor communication. Speech analytics provides evidence and insight to help get sales over the finish line.

Identify top and bottom performers

Any top-performing team knows all its players’ strengths inside and out. This is traditionally built by consistent teamwork and mentoring, but many teams aren’t thousands strong or are separated by at-home work. Speech analytics can bridge this gap through analysis to identify top and bottom performers to help seize moments of praise and improvement to share with others.

Speech analytics allows brands to deep dive into past customer interactions and dialogue to identify patterns among top-performing associates that can be replicated by others. Lower performers can learn from the very best on specific topics like identifying customer pain points, uncovering intent, and other ways to successfully turn a conversation into a sale.

Once operations leaders better understand what behavior and phrases are driving sales, they are better positioned to build positive insight for agents.

Keep your head in the (word) cloud

People are creatures of habit. Without proper guidance your agents’ day-to-day behavior becomes inflexible and is prone to mistakes. Speech analytics can foster self-coaching opportunities by simplifying data with visual word clouds to provide insights.

Word clouding aggregates and visualizes frequently used keywords and phrases during conversations to provide a tangible and interactive learning opportunity for new-hire classes and existing agents. Replies and reactions from a conversation create coachable insights that show inside sales associates which aspects of their daily activities are successful or need improvement.

The inclusion of word clouds to share insights and training performance shortens ramp time for new hires and fosters peer-to-peer coaching opportunities for remote and physical locations. It can be an essential tool for brick-and-mortar/digital hybrid offices to disseminate complex information quickly and easily.

Word clouds also allow agents to share successful phrasing with their team. This back and forth conversation, internally and externally, allows only the best behaviors to be passed down to the next agent.

Discover the voice of the customer

Speech analytics draws from thousands of interactions at once. Sitting on this mountain of data makes it easier to understand the impact of sentiment, emerging topics, and perspectives with voice of the customer.

Grasping how a customer interacts with your product and channels helps agents understand the cadences in a conversation and set a tone that naturally fits the interaction at any point of the sales journey.

Customers who sense that you don’t really know them will go elsewhere. Rather than wait on CSAT results, speech analytics provide you with real-time information that gives you a look into the customers’ life. Tailor fitting each customer interaction can help agents drive revenue, boost personalization, and brand loyalty.

Make your sales voice heard

Speech analytics isn’t a one-and-done deal. It takes take time to develop insights. But once the ball gets rolling, inside sales agents can unlock a new perspective on their work and how to interact with sales prospects that was not possible before.

Interested in learning more? Watch the complete on-demand webinar, How the selling greats use speech analytics to score more deals.