Speech Analytics Software Solutions

Automate your ability to analyze all interactions to improve operational performance and gather key business intelligence and customer insights.

Contact Center Operations

Speech Analytics
Software Solutions

Automate your ability to analyze all interactions
to improve operational performance and gather
key business intelligence and customer insights.


Take action with our speech analytics software solutions

Utilize our speech analytics solutions to automate your ability to listen to and analyze daily interactions and pain points of both the customer and the contact center associate. Use insights gathered to help your organization foster growth, enhance customer journeys, and further develop associates’ ability to create meaningful moments that matter for customers. Also gain actionable insights on how to reduce repeat calls, reduce call volume, provide information on customer satisfaction and the voice of the customer, including sentiment. Our speech analytics software also provides data-rich insights to improve sales, increase KPI conversion, and provide targeted coaching to associates to improve agent performance and average handle time.


Utilize speech analytics tools across all channels
to identify potential issues in real-time and
improve customer service and personalization


Improve CX by
better understanding
your customers

Identify and fix customer
issues as they occur


Reduce churn by identifying
customers at risk

Provide personalized CX
with increased context


Gain insight into employee performance and customer journey trends

Screenshot of our speech analytics solutions
Set and reach goals with our speech analytics software

Discover new information by deep diving into past dialogues. Identify patterns exhibited by top performing associates. And then teach others and/or course correct and mitigate actions that are underperforming.

Identify key words, phrases, and emerging topics that drive successful engagements as well when and how often to say or write them during customer interactions.

Develop better CX strategies

Leverage metrics and performance to gain greater insight into the customer journey. Align business initiatives with journey improvements to bring your CX strategies to life.


Speech analytics solutions to better understand customer sentiment throughout every interaction

speech analytics software screenshot on monitor
Uncover the Voice of the Customer

Gain greater insight into what your customers care about most with our smart interaction analytics – learn about customer sentiment, thoughts on your company and competitors, and important emerging topics.

Develop a deeper understanding of how a customer interacts with your organization and how he/she experiences your brand throughout his/her journey.

Learn common customer pain points and shared moments of delight to increase Net Promoter Score (NPS) and enhance customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Maintain quality assurance and compliance

Listening to a small sample of customer call recordings and reviewing simple metrics to make incremental coaching changes doesn’t paint an honest picture of what really happens between associates and customers. Our exceptional speech recognition tools help you “listen” to all interactions – customer phone calls, chats, SMS texts – and learn what truly works.

Quality assurance teams can then leverage the insights to create talking points that impact business outcomes and propel employees to reach company-wide goals faster, while mitigating the risk of non-compliant interactions.


Harness the power of operational expertise, technology, and insight-driven speech analytics


greater efficiencies in
new hire training
and productivity


lift in average daily
conversion for the top
performing associate


increase in average associate
daily net revenue by
mentioning specific topics


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