Am I ready to outsource? 4 signs it’s time

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There’s a long-standing misconception that companies should reach a certain size before looking to work with an outsourcing partner, but size shouldn’t be the key factor when determining whether you’re ready to outsource.

As your company grows quickly, it can become increasingly difficult to meet demand without sacrificing customer experience (CX) along the way – and without breaking the bank. That’s where an outsourcing partner can help and add a lot of value.

The right partner will let you tap into the strategy, people, and technology you need to take your CX to the next level. And it will embrace your company’s unique culture, philosophy, and goals as it does, so the experience for your customers and employees alike is seamless.

Here are just some of the benefits an outsourcing partner can bring:

1. Agility to manage seasonal surges with ease

There’s a certain seasonality to nearly every type of startup or hypergrowth. Retailers see an influx of customer inquiries around the holidays, for instance, while gaming brands see surges tied to new game releases throughout the year.

Outsourcing partners have the existing infrastructure in place to quickly scale up support when you need it, and just as easily scale it back down once a surge passes. Outsourcers are experts at quickly training and ramping associates, ensuring they have easy access to the information and technology they need to hit the ground running and perform their jobs well.

2. Additional CX resources to meet growing demand

Growing demand for your products or services is great for your business, but only if you can keep up with it. Nothing frustrates customers faster than long wait times, backlogs, or associates who can’t get them the answers they need.

With an outsourcing partner you’ll gain access to a global workforce of highly skilled associates that can complement or replace your in-house team. You’ll also gain cutting-edge technology and tools – like intelligent automation, back-office solutions, data analytics, and workforce management solutions – that let you deliver a better customer experience, faster.

3. Cost-effective solutions that improve experiences

A major benefit of outsourcing is the cost savings it can produce. A partner saves you money by significantly reducing labor costs, using automation where it makes sense, streamlining processes, and connecting you to existing infrastructure. The money you save through outsourcing can be reinvested in the core parts of your business.

But a good partner won’t just save you money; it will help you realize savings without sacrificing CX along the way. It’s possible to eliminate pain points, improve the customer journey, empower associates to work more efficiently and save money – and an outsourcing partner can show you how. Better customer experience at a lower total cost is a win-win.

4. Inside sales expertise to grow revenue

The people within your brand are experts when it comes to the products you make or the services you provide. They’ve got deep knowledge about how your products work and what sets you apart from your competition. But selling all that to the right customer at the right time? That’s a totally different skillset, and one most companies don’t have in-house.

An outsourcing partner that offers inside sales as a service can help with customer acquisition, customer retention and loyalty, growth and sales analytics, and tools like sales chat. Outsourcing your inside sales operation lets you focus on what you do best.

How to know when it’s time to outsource

Are you struggling to keep up with growing demand? Worried about the costs associated with expanding your customer support operation? Struggling to keep up with the latest technology you need to deliver great customer experiences? Having a hard time finding and retaining highly skilled associates? Unsure how to gather customer insights to better meet their needs? Those are all signs that it’s time to outsource your CX with an expert partner.

When seeking a CX outsourcing partner, it’s important to find the right fit. Be sure to carefully research any potential partners to ensure they have a track record of success and ask to see case studies that back up their claims.

It’s also crucial that the partner you choose can scale quickly. Additionally, they should have strict quality controls in place, as well as the right security measures to protect your data and intellectual property. Finally, look for a partner that is a good cultural fit for your brand and will communicate often and clearly with you.

With the right partner by your side, you’ll have the people, tools, and strategy you need to improve your CX and employee experience as you cut costs and drive revenue growth.